Top 10 Fashion Trends for Pregnant Women in 2017

This year, pregnancy is no reason not to dress fashionably. There are plenty of really beautiful clothing, accessories as well as top fashionable ring sling carriers available in 2017. Let’s have a look at some of the key trends for pregnant women.

Top 10 fashion trends for pregnant women in 2017

1. Floral

While neutral colors can bring a sleek look, bold floral prints bring a bright and joyous element to your pregnancy garb. The current trend is large, loosely floating flowers printed onto a neutral or pastel background. There are a few ways to wear floral prints, but our favorites are:

  • Kimono
  • Feminine dress
  • High-waist skirt

A floral kimono will keep you warm on cool spring or autumn weather, especially when paired with maternity skinny jeans and a neutral tank top. Add a felt or floppy hat for a bohemian-chic look. Alternatively, wear a floral print dress to show off your baby belly. This soft mint and large garden rose design is ultra-feminine, especially when paired with neutral accessories as is done in this example. This high-waist floral skirt with a dark background and large floral design can fit comfortably over your belly. Pair it with a white tank top to break the bold print. Add some tan accessories and you’re good to go.

Top 10 fashion trends for pregnant women in 2017

2. Denim

Denim is a mainstay in any wardrobe and that includes the wardrobe of any fashionable lady that’s expecting. There are many ways to wear denim and look stylish. Our favorites for this season are denim jackets, overalls, and distressed jeans.

  • Denim jackets

Denim jackets are the perfect cover up for pregnant women. It can be worn over tight pants and a striped shirt or a form-fitting black dress for an easy elegant look.

Top 10 fashion trends for pregnant women in 2017

  • Overalls

Overalls are a fun way to show off your baby bump while still looking fashionable. Pair it with a simple striped shirt and tennis shoes for a casual look. Add a big leather tote bag to remind people that you still mean business. Alternatively, you can go for a distressed cut-off style for a grungier look.

Top 10 fashion trends for pregnant women in 2017

  • Distressed jeans

Jeans are a fashion staple and this year’s motto is that distressed is better. Wear loose-fitting distressed jeans with a t-shirt, tennis shoes and an oversized jersey for a devil-may-care look. Alternatively pair your distressed denim with bright off-the-shoulder knitwear and ankle boots for a fun, sexy look. For a vamped up look, pair your distressed jeans with a t-shirt and a long gilet. Add some animal print and bespoke studded shoes for an edgy feel.

Top 10 fashion trends for pregnant women in 2017

3. Stripes

Stripes feature everywhere this season. A tight striped dress shows off your fun feminine side. A long sleeved striped shirt over leggings, paired with long brown boots gives a more determined look. An empire-style vertical striped shirt gives a sleek and sophisticated flair. For a more casual look, pair a striped t-shirt with a denim shirt, denim cut-off shorts, and a fedora.

Top 10 fashion trends for pregnant women in 2017

4. Blazers

A blazer always business to any look and that is no exception for pregnant ladies. Try a bright red blazer with a black t-shirt and black accessories for a fun take on blazers. Alternatively, match a mud blazer with sleek gray leggings and top matched with ankle boots and a brown saddle bag for a more sophisticated look. For a classic look, pair a gray blazer with a white shirt and black pants and pumps. Add a statement necklace to take your outfit to the next level.

Top 10 fashion trends for pregnant women in 2017

5. Black leather jackets

Black leather jackets are again a wardrobe staple, and this year it is again one of the key items to be seen in. Pair a black leather jacket with skinny bottoms and a loose top for contrast. Add color with red shoes and an animal print accessory. For a nighttime look, dress up a simple black dress with a biker-style leather jacket and lace-up heels.

Top 10 fashion trends for pregnant women in 2017

6. Animal print

Animal print is in vogue again this season and expecting mamas can fall in with this trend. The easiest way to get with this trend is a glamorous animal print accessory, be it a clutch or an oversized handbag. Otherwise, tuck a soft, loose animal print shirt into a black maxi skirt for a glamorous effect.

Top 10 fashion trends for pregnant women in 2017

7. Oversized knitwear

Keep warm with oversized knitwear to balance your beautiful belly. Wear it in a neutral palate, mixing greys with black and white and top it off with ankle boots for a soft feel. The other option is to splash out with color and accessories. Wear a bright red oversized cardigan over skinny jeans and a white t-shirt. Pair it with thigh-high leather boots, statement jewelry and oversized sunglasses for a glamorous look. A long grey cardigan paired with flared jeans and a simple black top brings a balance between soft and hard.

Top 10 fashion trends for pregnant women in 2017

8. Tight dresses

Show off your baby bump with a tight dress. Mix it up with on-trend florals or match a neutral wrap-around dress with an oversized scarf, thigh high boots and a leather bag. For a sexy look, go for a body-con dress and lace-up heels and often the look with a floral kimono. For a classic look, wear a tight-fit knit dress with a sleek black clutch and neutral heels.

Top 10 fashion trends for pregnant women in 2017

9. Checks and plaids

These prints can be worn in black and white or in colored patterns for a classic look. A flowy check shirt with black skinny jeans makes for a soft look, while a black and white plaid poncho will keep you warm and cozy. Tone down a red plaid pattern with black leggings and neutral accessories and add a hat for a fun grungy look.

Top 10 fashion trends for pregnant women in 2017

10. Maxi dresses

Maxi dresses are a great way to lengthen your physique and shows of your baby bump in the most elegant way. A slim off-white dress with soft flowy details at the bust creates a great silhouette. An emerald green knot dress draws the eyes to your bust and belly in a sexy, sophisticated way. For relaxed nautical look, a blue with white lace, flowy dress paired with a straw hat, bangles and stylish sunglasses will make you feel as if you’ve just stepped off a yacht.

Top 10 fashion trends for pregnant women in 2017

While there are much more micro-trends out there, we believe that these trends will take you through 2017. Mix and match the trends to get the perfect fashionable look all pregnant women deserve. Also, look out for cute and fashionable baby accessories to take your style from fashionable pregnant lady to fashionable mommy.

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