How to Pair the Right Necklace with Different Necklines?

Sometimes, you have the perfect outfit and just want to add one more piece to give it a real pop! Other times, your outfit may seem lackluster and needs a pick-me-up and in times like those you are in real need of a great accessory. Bracelets, vintage rings, earrings, nose rings, anklets and body jewelry are all great accessories to choose from. However, the simplest and most effective, statement-making accessories are necklaces.

How to Pair the Right Necklace with Different Necklines

Necklaces are by far the simplest solution when trying to spice up an outfit. However, there is a huge amount of variety when it comes to necklaces. Therefore, it is often tricky to find a necklace that is perfect for just any outfit. When choosing the perfect necklace for an outfit you must be mindful of the neckline of your shirt so the two will compliment each other, instead of clashing and making an outfit look too busy.

Read on to learn which necklines go with which necklaces so your outfits can remain chic and bold with ease.

1. Round T-Shirt Necklines

The round neckline is often seen with basic tees and is usually worn during casual occasions. Because of the casual nature of this neckline, your necklace choices will probably be closer to costume jewelry pieces and stray away from precious stones and metals.

How to Pair the Right Necklace with Different Necklines

A trendy necklace for this neckline would be a choker, which is essentially the go-to casual necklace this season. Chokers can be found in a variety of materials such as leather, plastic, velvet, satin, cotton, and metals. They are able to add a bold, yet chic look to any t-shirt and depending on the material can either make you look edgy or super girly and sweet.

How to Pair the Right Necklace with Different Necklines

2. Halter Necklines

Every girl has that one great halter top that shows off all the right parts of her body. Currently, halter tops that are plain with subdued colors, such as nudes, are trending which is why a great necklace can be essential to add a bit of dimension to your outfit.

How to Pair the Right Necklace with Different Necklines

The ultimate necklace for any halter top would be a chic, low hanging, gold necklace. However shorter, gold-plated necklaces with your name as a charm seem to be very in style currently. Pair that necklace with some body jewelry and some slinky bangles and you have a sultry, glittery look that is bound to turn heads.

How to Pair the Right Necklace with Different Necklines

3. Square Necklines

Square necklines have a tendency of popping up on clothing that is meant to look sophisticated. Therefore, wearing an item of clothing that has a square neckline can often be intimidating. However, square necklines can be wonderful! Depending on how low cut the neckline, square necklines offer a good amount of cleavage to be revealed without the risk of looking trashy.

How to Pair the Right Necklace with Different Necklines

This classy neckline requires a necklace that holds to the same standard of sophistication. Which is why a tight pearl necklace is a perfect accessory for a square neckline. Because, even if the square neckline provides an ample amount of cleavage to be shown on the wearer, the necklace can still tie the general theme of upper-class chic into the outfit. Pair your pearl necklace with a classic set of vintage rings for a look that screams sophistication.

4. Crew Necklines

If you have a preppier fashion sense, you are well acquainted with crew necklines. Crew necklines are common in sweaters used for country club activities and are regularly worn with school uniforms. Because crew necklines are such a classic style, it is important that you try to find a necklace that shows that you still adhere to trends—which is why a peter pan collar necklace is the perfect accessory to add a bit of funkiness to a crew neckline. These necklaces come in a variety of textures and materials and can often make an outfit look classier, girlier, or simply more interesting. Peter pan collar necklaces are the perfect accessory for prep school or a country club.

How to Pair the Right Necklace with Different Necklines

However, it should also be kept in mind that many t-shirts contain crew necklines which allow for a little less classy look than we are used to. While chokers are the trending necklace to be worn with t-shirts, you do not have to be tied down to any trend. Peter pan collars also work, but a chunky, short, chain-linked necklace is the perfect necklace for a t-shirt with a crew neckline. This necklace adds an edgy and chic look to any neckline. In addition, it makes wearing a t-shirt look a little less lazy. However, in truth, there are a variety of necklaces that would be excellent for a crew neckline t-shirt.

5. Jewel Necklines

Jewel necklines are an incredibly flattering neckline for women with smaller busts. Jewel necklines commonly appear in dresses and shirts with no sleeves. Like square necklines, jewel necklines often offer a sense of sophistication, but not to the same degree. Which is why a chunky, art deco necklace is the way to go.

How to Pair the Right Necklace with Different Necklines

These allow for a generally plain item of clothing with a jewel neckline to have a large pop of texture and make the outfit. Most jewel necklines are very plain and require an accessory to make a statement. Which is why an art deco necklace is a must when wearing a jewel neckline item of clothing.

Figuring out the perfect may be difficult, but hopefully, after reading this, you can look your closet in a new way!

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