7 Fashion Trends You’ll Wear All Year

Let’s be honest for a moment – there are fashion fads that will be worn once, then quickly tossed, and then there are true fashion trends that look great for years. A truly worthwhile fashion trend will be one that never really goes out of style for too long, and that will flatter almost everyone who wears it. Great fashion trends might even define the decade that they appear in, too.

The average fashion lover just doesn’t have the money nor closet space to fall for every single fashion fad and trend out there. In order to get the most out of your fashion budget, you’re going to need to go for the fashion trends that will remain perennially classy, as well as the trends that actually will flatter you throughout the year. We picked out the coolest fashion trends of this season. Enjoy!


Newsflash: nautical themed wear is definitely in, and stripes are at the forefront of this haute trend. In order to get the most slimming look, go for thinner stripes over thicker ones. Thinner vertical stripes often will hug the body in a flattering way, and also work to lengthen your legs. Horizontally striped shirts, on the other hand, can make a small bust look a little larger, while also pinching in waists.

7 Fashion Trends You’ll Wear All Year

Draped Cloth Trench Coats

This new trend might just be one of the uniquest spins on a classic trench coat that we’ve seen in decades! With a cloth trench coat that delicately drapes the body, you get a smaller waist, a dramatically London-chic look, along with a moderately futuristic twist. Cloth trench coats are also weather-appropriate for the majority of the year, and also have the added perk of being able to be found in a nice array of different colors. What’s not to adore?

7 Fashion Trends You’ll Wear All Year

Feminine Playsuits

Everyone needs to have at least one trendy article of clothing that remains both casual and flirtatious, and playsuits definitely fit the bill. Whether it’s a quick stroll on the beach with your mates, a date with the hottie from your gym, or even just a girl’s night out, a playsuit offers the perfect amount of options blended with the right amount of attitude. It’s an ideal summer and spring outfit, and can be worn with a huge variety of accessories. Now, that’s versatile!

7 Fashion Trends You’ll Wear All Year

Long-Sleeved Cardigans

If the 2010s are going to be known for any particular trend in the future, it’s going to be long sleeved cardigans. This Brooklynite hipster staple offers people Bohemian-chic twist on fashion that has taken the world by storm, and also offers a serious level of comfort and coziness on colder days. The best thing about a good cardigan is that it can look just as normal in the workplace as it does at an art meetup. Thanks to both its ease-of-wear and its versatility, cardigans are a great investment for a typical fashionista.
7 Fashion Trends You’ll Wear All Year

Round Frame Glasses

Truthfully, we can’t be sure whether this trend was kicked off by fans of Harry Potter, or by fans of Ozzy Osbourne, but we love it all the same. Round framed sunglasses add a highly artistic, hippie-meets-rocker twist to any outfit. Meanwhile, if you actually use glasses for vision, rounder frames can offer that quirky, intellectual “sexy librarian” vibe to your overall look. Regardless of how you wear this trend, it’s going to be a smash hit for quite a long time.

7 Fashion Trends You’ll Wear All Year

Leather-Look Pants

A good pair of jeggings can make anyone look slimmer than they really are, especially when you’re wearing darker hued pants. With many leather-look pants fitting into both the dark-colored and jegging-style categories, it comes as a little surprise that many women are finding ways to incorporate this trend into both corporate and casual outfits. Depending on the top you choose, as well as the accessories, leather-look pants can unleash your inner Sid Vicious or your inner corporate queen.

7 Fashion Trends You’ll Wear All Year

Versatility Is Key

The best trends to follow will be the ones that work for a wide variety of different occasions and settings. If you work with your body type, and focus on getting clothes that suit your lifestyle, picking the best trends will be a cinch. Trust us on this!

Author Bio: Kate Sicangco is a fashion writer, who empowers women through her writing and practical fashion tips.

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