How To Rock Pastel Hair Color Trend Like A Celebrity? (35 photos)

If you are into hot hair trends then you may want to try one of the pastel dyed hairstyles this summer. It had been a very popular trend in the past few years and even some of the A-list celebrities are wearing it. There are so many colors you can try on yourself like cotton candy pink, lavender, baby blue, purple blonde, iced beige blonde, peach, mint and even multicolored ombre.

35 Pastel Hairstyle Ideas You Will Love

Even though it is a very bold move to take, you must admit that it looks cool on many women and it is so fun to look at. It is a dreamy look that goes well with casual and alternative outfit styles. To be more precise, the candy-colored hair will transform any outfit into a fashion statement. But be warned: these hues are so amazingly perfect that they might inspire you to put pastel hair dying in your summer to dos’. So, if you want to stand out in the crowd and express your individuality, boldness, and creativity then you should keep on reading.

Before making this brave move, check out our guide to rocking the cool hair trend properly!

How to choose the right pastel hair color?

Before bleaching your hair and choose some random pastel color you like, you should take your skin tone and the color of your eyes into consideration. Depending on the look you are trying to achieve you can create a natural or dramatic look. If you choose a hair color that is complementing you skin tone and/or eye color you will achieve a natural look. If there is a big contrast between your skin tone and your hair color then you’ll achieve more dramatic, powerful look. However, you have to make sure that the color of your hair, the color of your eyes and your skin tone complement each other nicely.

  • If you have pale skin you can’t go wrong with some pastel pink shade. If you have blue eyes and pale skin you can also try pastel blue.
  • If you have olive skin tone you can try orange, neon pink or blue pastel shades because these colors will make a nice contrast to your face.
  • Darker skin tones look amazing with any pastel hair color so you can’t really go wrong in this case. Try some orange or purple hues.
  • Brown eyes look amazing with emerald and purple shade, making them sparkle.
  • Green eyes are very versatile and they will look amazing with any pastel hair color as long as it matches your skin tone. Pastel pink is a great choice if you have green eyes.
  • You can make your beautiful blue eyes pop by coloring your hair into some orange or peachy shade. However if you don’t like that color you can always start with candy pink hair color, because it actually looks good on everyone.

35 Pastel Hairstyle Ideas You Will Love

Keep your makeup minimal and natural and complement your hair with other pastel clothing pieces for a fun and sexy look.

If you are a pastel hue virgin than pick a softer pastel color you like because it will be easier for you to match you clothes with it.

Don’t get more than two hair colors. If you want to look more playful and die you hair two colors be sure that they are a good match like blue and pink or blue and purple.

If choosing the right pastel hair color looks like a difficult decision to make then you should consider consulting your hairdresser for some ideas.

How to maintain your pastel hair color longer?

Don’t wash your hair too often. Instead, try to wash it no more than twice a week.

Wash your hair with cooler water to maintain its color longer.

Use quality hair mask and conditioner when washing your hair. Also, be sure to apply hair serums before styling your hair. They will coat and protect your hair and will also tame frizzy hair.

Apply vinegar after dyeing your hair. This can help the color to stay longer.

Avoid hair dryers and irons as much as you can.

35 Pastel Hairstyle Ideas You Will Love

Alternatives to the pastel hair dye trend

If dyeing your hair into a cool, pastel shade isn’t really your thing but you still want to give this trend a try you can stick to some easier alternatives like hair chalking or clip-on hair extensions. These are quick and easy methods to add a pop of color to your hair without spending too much money and damage your hair on a permanent basis.

Hair ChalkingHair chalking is a quick, simple and cheap method that will not damage your hair. You can do it by yourself at home and it will last till your next shower.

Clip-on color hair extensions. These extensions are another alternative to bleaching your hair in a pastel hue. They will make you look chic without damaging your hair.

Many girls around the world are trying this cool hair trend because it is a very fun, sexy and colorful way to show your uniqueness and style. It is also very versatile so be sure to choose the best color for your face, follow our guide and have a magnificent pastel hair color everyone will adore.

We made a nice selection with 34 different pastel dyed hairstyles. There is a little of everything for everyone here!

Now let’s take a look at them, shall we?

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