How to straighten hair without flat iron?

Many girls want to have straight hair, but while they are getting the perfect results thanks to the flat iron, they hate it because of the heat they are burning and damaging their hair.  If you are regularly using hair straightener your hair becomes weak, dry and fragile. That’s why you should try other ways to have the perfect straight hair without using flat iron. We are suggesting you few ways that can help you to straighten hair easy and without damaging your hair.Tips and tricks

Straighten hair with vodka

The famous model Eva Herzigova recently revealed that she is using vodka to brighten up her hair color, but this alcoholic beverage is equally good for straightening hair. You need to add a small amount of vodka in your hair regenerator and then to put it on your hair. The low pH value of the vodka will straighten the hair cuticles and your hair will get the ironed effect. But be careful, because if you are using too much vodka and if you are repeating this treatment too often you can also damage the hair.

Tips and tricks

Coconut oil

This kind of oil is perfect for the girls that have wavy hair. Apply coconut oil on a wet hair, then brush it and dry it up. That is all you have to do to get straight hair.

Tips and tricks


Blend one celery stalk with a little bit of water. Pour the mix in a bottle with a sprayer and apply it on your hair. Leave the mix on your hair for 20 minutes and after that wash your hair.

Tips and tricks

Banana and papaya

With the help of banana and a papaya, not only that you will straighten your hair, you will nurture your hair and prevent it from curling. Blend one banana, one papaya and 2 spoons honey. Apply the mix on your hair and after it is completely dry, wash it.

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