8 Hair Care Tips For Fresh Start This Autumn

It is time to start preparing for the new season! After the hot sunny days, now it is almost the season of colder and misty mornings, rains and a lot of wind. This means a completely new set of changes when it comes to your hair care routines. In autumn it is much easier to take care of your hair than in summer, but this doesn’t mean that you can just leave it be. There are few things that you need to start doing so your hair can have a fresh start. Check out our selection hair care tips for this autumn!

Hair care tips

1. Deep Condition

This is not the most important step for this season, but you need to do it all year long. Especially after the hot days are gone, you need to deep condition your hair before the colder days come. Set up a hot oil treatment at your favorite hair saloon to restore the moisture and the shininess of your hair.

Avoid hot water

Always wash your hair with a colder water. Hot water can seriously damage your hair, beyond repairing.

Get rid of the split ends

After the long summer, you need to trim your hair to get rid of the split ends. Try to do this at least once in two months to avoid damaged hair.

Hair care tips

Eat a lot of proteins

Did you know that protein supplements and foods rich with proteins can make your hair stronger? Try to consume the right dosage of proteins every day, because a protein deficiency can cause damage in the hair follicles.

Feed your hair

By consuming a lot of vitamins, not only that you will boost your immune system, but your hair will get stronger and healthier. Try to eat foods rich with vitamin C, A, D, E and your hair will be grateful. The best thing is that you can achieve the same effect by using the hair supplement Sugar Bear Hair, as well.

Detox your hair

After the long summer try to get rid of the toxins in your hair, by using a soft shampoo based on lemon or orange. This type of shampoo will cleanse your hair from the chlorine and salt from the beaches and pools.

Hair care tips

Wash it only twice a week

Wash your hair less often. Try to avoid washing your hair more than two times a week. If you are using a deep conditioning mask and you still can’t feel the difference, try this trick.

Stop using your blow-dryer

If you are having problems with dryness, try to avoid blow-drying your hair. The hot air, can make your hair ever dryer than before.


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