Fit Tea: The Best Detox and Weight-Loss Product

The beauty and fashion industry survives by following trends. And during a time of endless social media signals, we have them aplenty. What gets comparatively harder, though, is filtering all of the noise on account of finding something truly valuable. Hunting for trends, in this sense of the word, is a unique skill that sets good magazines and editors apart.

Fit Tea: The Best Detox and Weight-Loss Product

Writing this Fit Tea review is where we finally arrived after noticing a surge of Instagram accounts promoting this new detox tea. From Instagram sensations to celebrities like Kim Kardashian, all the way to profiles of people who command attention with thousands of followers… They all seem to be talking about this new product.

But what is Fit Tea and what is it for?

The goal of this review is to familiarize you with the way in which viral sensations get traction, as well as weigh in the good the bad and the ugly of this specific product.

So where do we begin?

First of all, let’s focus our attention on Instagram promotion… Don’t be fooled by the nature of the trend… Many accounts promoting it, all at once… smells like marketing done right.

We don’t mind. But if there is a lesson to be learned about getting traction in the beauty industry nowadays… Instagram marketing gets you places. Kids take notes.

What is the fit tea for?

Fit Tea is a blend of organic herbs that detoxifies your system and makes you lose some weight in the process. It also helps in appetite suppression, as well as reduced sugar cravings.

Including green tea in the mix, it boosts your metabolism as well as provides a nice caffeine replacement for coffee.Fit Tea Review: The Best Detox and Weight-Loss Product

There is also ginger, Oolong tea, Garcinia Cambodia, pomegranate and stevia included in the mix as well. Eastern cultures have been using these ingredients for centuries treating digestive tract issues as well as preventing cold and similar conditions.

Organically produced, i.e. delivered by certified organic suppliers, Fit Tea gives no reason to be concerned about. Unlike other weight loss detox blends, this one won’t end up costing you a medical bill down the road.

One cup in the morning, and that’s all you need in order to feel the replenishing properties after even one week of use. Or so their marketing says.

The product comes in two varieties- 14 day and 28-day packs. It is FDA approved, as well as gluten, dairy, soy and GMO-free.

Fit Tea Review: The Best Detox and Weight-Loss Product

So what is our verdict?

Fit Tea Review- the good

Trends aside, let’s discuss this product on its face value.

We ordered a bag for ourselves to test it before writing this review. The results? Well, they compare pretty closely to what Lifestyle Updated wrote in their Fit Tea Review only weeks earlier.

3 pounds lost in two weeks flat. And given how I didn’t change any of my diet nor exercise, that’s as good as I expected.

Additionally, I feel lighter, and though I cannot tell describe exact changes in my metabolism and digestive tract, the overall feeling is noticeably better after the first week of use.Fit Tea Review: The Best Detox and Weight-Loss Product

The best thing so far, if you ask me, is suppressed appetite. Not a huge difference as some might say, but I feel less of an impulse, especially when it comes to sugar.

The official site mentions energy boost as well, but given how these two previous weeks were hectic, I didn’t notice the extra boost I was expecting. Or maybe it’s poor judgment on my part, and given how I get up earlier than usual and work till late in the day not feeling any more tired than I used to- maybe it’s working its part.

Fit Tea review- the bad

Let’s talk about the taste… It’s not great, it’s not bad, but it’s… meh.

Not that I’m complaining, but if this product had a better taste, it would have been my daily coffee replacement for sure.

Another thing I kind of expected, but can see how other people might get upset by is weight loss. Sure, 3 pounds without lifting a single weight or running a single mile sounds to me a very good bargain any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

But… and here is the caveat- some people see in Fit Tea only a weight loss supplement. Not that they will end up disappointed, but for the type of gal looking for duct tape solutions, 3 pounds might end up shattering her expectations.

Fit Tea Review: The Best Detox and Weight-Loss Product

But, worry not. Fit Tea is safe to use even for prolonged periods of time. Which is to say, you can make it your daily choice of tea and use it for months to an end. In that case – and don’t take my word for it – I think more weight loss should likely occur.

Fit Tea review- the ugly

As is often the case with new companies, especially those that appear to be a seasonal and overnight success, customer service lacks the service altogether.

Mails wait unanswered for days, and you better get your order right the first time, cause you might be pulling your hair the minute you realize that nobody is answering from the other side for two days.

Other than that, shipping takes as per usual- 5 to 10 days. It goes through USPS, and they also ship internationally.Fit Tea Review: The Best Detox and Weight-Loss Product

Where to buy it from

Their official site is the first place that comes to mind, but you can also buy from Amazon as well. That being said, there is no real difference per say.

Lastly, as many other Fit Tea reviews concluded by now, this is a legit product that almost entirely fits the description.

It’s a rising trend in the beauty industry, and I personally can see how it might stay there for quite a while. If you decide to buy, go first with the 14-day pack, and then after you see how your body reacts, you can either stop using it or continue with the 28 detox pack which is better value for the money.

If you are curious to read further, there are hundredths of other reviews on their own site, and you can scroll over the one at Lifestyle Updated which seems like the most comprehensive one out there.

We will watch a close eye on this trend and write updates as it unfolds. Let’s see how big this product becomes, and if there are others who will copy the same approach. So far, Instagram is going crazy over this, and the official profile has more than million and a half followers.

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