Fitness Updated review – everything you need to know

Receiving requests from many of our readers, I decided to choose a fitness program and stick with it for a while trying to see what comes out of it.

But fitness programs, you see, are so diverse and numerous that we didn’t know what to choose. So I decided to listen to what you guys were asking for, and select one based on that.



I went with Fitness Updated because it allows you to watch the videos online, as well as offers you numerous other options for a very affordable price.

And the results?

Well, I was determined enough to complete a one-month program, and love the way my body looks now.

Lost 14 pounds, toned my things, flattened my abdomen, and feel quite more agile and flexible now. Not to mention that my cardio capacity is on such a peak high that I never previously though it was possible to get in such a shape.

So here is what to expect from this review:

  • I will tell you all about the Fitness Updated platform (workouts, nutrition etc.)
  • I will tell you what I especially loved and hated about it
  • I will give you few tips along the way
  • And a special coupon deal plus a giveaway I negotiated for you, our readers (you’re welcome)

At the end you will know what Fitness Updated is all about, what you can expect from it, and whether or not it is right for you.

What is Fitness Updated?

Fitness Updated is a workout platform. One that combines video workouts with a special nutrition program.

But that’s just the surface…

It can be accessed from any device, so you can watch the videos on your smartphone, and work out from anywhere you’d like.

Plus, it’s the only workout program that I’ve found that is totally customizable. You can create your own plan based on your goals and preferences and have it tailored to your taste.

So it can be 1-3 months in length, less than 30 minutes up to 45 minutes of workouts per day, more weight loss or muscle definition oriented, low or high impact…

On top of that, there is a smart algorithm that modifies your program according to your feedback… So for example, if you click “too hard” after the end of your workout for 4 days in a row (I’m guessing with the number, cause I don’t know how the algorithm works), the algorithm asks you whether you’d want your program to be modified.

So unlike most other programs, it actually listens to your feedback, which makes it super personalized.

The workouts

There are 19 of them in the library. From easy to extreme; from 5 minutes all the way up to 30+ minutes (most of them are around 30 minutes).

The moves are dynamic, fun, engaging. I never previously enjoyed working out, but this is different. The sequences are not repetitive, and you are continually surprised by what comes next.


99% of the moves are bodyweight, meaning that you won’t need equipment.

There are only 1% of the moves that require a dumbbell, but they tell you what to do if you don’t have one.

Some workouts are low impact (no jumping involved), others are more strength oriented, and there are 2 centered on flexibility, and quite a few on cardio and dynamic sequences.

The nutrition

Dozens of recipes you can choose from, and a personalized program shaped according to your goals.


You just click the daily breakfast button, for example, and it gives you a menu of recipes to choose from.

I’ve found that most of them are practical and easy to prepare, just like they describe them.

Fitness Updated guides you through the process

What I think to be the biggest issue regarding most workout programs nowadays, is that you are on your own. Sure, reading the manual will tell you what to do, but it lacks continual guidance, and you get sloppy after a while.

Fitness Updated, as opposed to this, has a lot of daily tips, as well as few video lessons to get you through the program.

So, for example, after you login for the day, and before you start with your daily workout, there is a tip on, say, correct from and what you should do during your workout.


These run throughout the platform, so you always know what to do.

The Fitness Updated calendar

Having in mind that your workout is customized, no two calendars are alike. At least that’s the impression I got after changing few workout plans at the very beginning.


The calendar gives you a perspective on how far you currently are in your program, as well as what to expect next.

Modifications according to feedback

After you are done with your daily workout, a question pops up, asking you how hard it was. You have multiple answers to choose from, with a single click.

After few days, if there is a pattern in how you answer these (for example “way too hard”), the algorithm will modify your program and scale it down or up depending on your feedback.

I especially love this, and noticed 2 small changes in my program during the month I’ve been using Fitness Updated. (Three workouts were changed by other three, easier ones).

The user interface

It’s clean, minimal and you always know what to do. Quite intuitive when compared to programs such as Beachbody on Demand, or Daily Burn.


It looks perfect and easy to use on mobile as well (50% of the time I’ve used it on mobile).

The price

This is, by far, the most affordable fitness program I’ve seen on the internet. There are a lot of less expensive ones, but they all fade in comparison when it comes to quality.

There are two purchase options to choose from:

  • Monthly, or
  • Yearly

With a 7$ price tag for the monthly one, and 56$ for the yearly option, I got mine with a coupon code and paid only 28$ for a whole year access (that’s a 50% discount).

I reached out to them and managed to negotiate a 50% discount for you guys as well. Plus 5 completely free accounts for few lucky winners (will tell you how to claim them below).

They offer a 7 days free trial without a credit card needed. Just sign-up with your email and that’s it, you get to experience the full functionality of the platform.

So what is my final verdict?

Having in mind that I’ve lost 14 pounds and toned many parts of my body (thighs, abdomen, waist and arms) I’m very pleased with this program.

It took me step by step, and I enjoyed all of the workouts. The moves are dynamic, fun to complete, and I never get bored.

And when I think that I managed to achieve this in just one month and 28$ spent, I’m happier than words can ever describe.

Plus, I have access for the rest of this year, and I plan to choose even more advanced plans now (haven’t tried some of the videos yet).

That’s another thing I love about Fitness Updated- it’s designed for every level of fitness, regardless your age.

And for a frosting on the cake (what a metaphor when talking about fitness, huh?), there is an option to share your progress after each daily workout. And I love this so much- been frustrated when I sometimes managed to get myself to workout, and was unable to share with friends… Most of my circle posts about their daily runs, and I love that this is the first program that lets you post about your daily workouts as well.

All in all, I’m thrilled with this program, and would recommend it to anyone I know who wants to lose weight and sculpt her body.

And I hope this Fitness Updated review gives you a decent perspective on whether or not it’s the right workout program for yourself.

If you want to get yearly free access to the platform, just share this review on twitter or Facebook, and comment below.

I will randomly pick 5 people, and the rest will still get a 50% coupon code.

Btw, they offer a 7 Days Free Trial, without a credit card needed, so you can sign-up in seconds and see what it’s all about for yourself.


Author: Igor

Tech admin of the site. Always thrilled to found and build new things from scratch. Will share his experiences in the Lifestyle section, mostly in personal development.

  • Steven

    I have come across this and wondered if it was a scam?

    • igor

      Scam? Why would you think that?
      It’s a wonderful program. Lots of interesting workouts, and one of the best user interfaces that I’ve seen.

      Try the free 7 day trial and see whether you like it or not. They don’t even ask for a credit card, just an e-mail sign-up.