15-Minute Morning Yoga Routine to Sculpt Your Body

Joining the gym is indeed advantageous but it’s something not possible for those with hectic schedules. Such people can still sculpt and tone their body even without leaving the comfort of their house. Yes, yoga will help them sculpt their body and give it a perfect shape.15-Minute Morning Yoga Routine to Sculpt Your Body

The best part, you needn’t leave the bed early in order to maintain a hectic gym schedule. Rather, you can take up regular yoga in the morning, practice its poses or asanas and give your body physical and health benefits galore.

A 15-minute morning yoga session right when you get out of bed will be good enough for you to keep the body in right shape. Such a session will surely bring a great value to your morning routine. So, try some of the mentioned poses described below and sculpt your body in a desired manner.

Here are some of the morning yoga poses to sculpt your body and really awake you in the morning:

Cow Pose (Bitilasana)

Cow pose is quite helpful in toning or sculpting the body. In this, practitioners need to maintain the hip and shoulder alignment and they have to use the palms to press out of the mat. Afterward, they have to inhale and lift the chest in a gradual manner. The tailbone and gaze should be kept skyward.15-Minute Morning Yoga Routine to Sculpt Your Body

Cat Pose (Marjaiasana)

Cat pose is important if the goal is to tone and shape your body with a regular yoga session. In this pose, practitioners need to exhale and lift the upper back together with dropping the tailbone and shifting the weight away from the hands.

15-Minute Morning Yoga Routine to Sculpt Your Body

Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

The toning of the body is not complete without Mountain pose. This pose should be a regular part of your morning yoga session to bring the body the benefits it covers. In this pose, practitioners need to keep the hands by their side and feet some apart. The shoulders have to draw away from the ears and then slow and gentle breaths should be taken.

15-Minute Morning Yoga Routine to Sculpt Your Body

Upward Salute (Urdhva Hastasana)

You will need to include the upward salute pose in your daily routine if your goal is to sculpt your body or wake up happy. In this pose, lift the arms over the head on an inhale. Afterward, you need to lift from the side of the waist and then stretch through the hands and fingertips. You need to look upward and take a free movement of the body.

15-Minute Morning Yoga Routine to Sculpt Your Body

Swan Dive

Swan dive is quite a beneficial pose to tone the body. You should include this pose in your daily morning yoga session for sure. In this, you will exhale and take the arms out at 45 degrees. This will be done after taking more breaths and then you will need to fold forward. After that, you need to bend at the hips and to get torso long, you need to extend the chest. The step will complete once you release the body into a standing forward fold.15-Minute Morning Yoga Routine to Sculpt Your Body

Roll Like A Ball

This pose also helps a lot in toning and sculpting the body. In this, you will be required to make yourself into a ball by using certain poses. You need to bend the knees towards the chest and then the hands should be placed on the shins. Now, you need to rock up and down on the spines a few times.15-Minute Morning Yoga Routine to Sculpt Your Body


In overall, you should join a fitness club on an immediate basis and benefit from yoga to the core. You should include yoga poses in your morning routine as only this can bring you holistic health or total health. So, go with yoga and keep yourself as fit as you hope to be.

Author: Prince Kumar

Prince Kumar has been a successful Internet Marketer for over 8 years. He works with a fitness club named truGym