9 Ways To Take Better Care Of Your Shoes

One critical part of life incorporates dealing with those things that we esteem – and what can be more significant in our storage rooms than that most loved pair of shoes? Well, that’s why today we decided to present you an Infographic, made by the London-based shoe brand Cocorose, that can help you to solve problems related to shoe care. Despite the fact that you can spare cash by taking great consideration of your shoes, a more imperative issue is that dealing with your shoes is dealing with your feet. Shoes that don’t fit easily can cause pain.

0 9 Ways to Take Better Care of Your Shoes

If your shoe is creating a sound that makes you feel embarrassed then you can resolve this problem by using baby powder. After that, you will feel better and you will never feel embarrassed in front of anyone.

You can also make your cloth shoes waterproof by using beeswax. After rubbing beeswax on your cloth shoes, they will become waterproof.

Another interesting tip is here. You can put dry tea bags in your shoes to get rid of bad shoe smell. This tea bag will remove all bad odors from your shoes.

Are you not able to walk after wearing heels? Well, this is a problem almost every woman faces. To solve this you can use tape, you just need to tape 2nd and 3rd toes together to avoid hell lot of pain.

I think these all tips are very important for all of us because we all wear shoes and face such kind of problem in our everyday life. In below infographic, you can find more explained tips that are very helpful for everyone to solve shoe related problems. Please see these and share your view with us. Here in this infographic, you will read about 9 better ways to take care of your shoes. These tips are very helpful for everyone who wants to make his/her shoes long-lasting and look beautiful for a long time.


Infographic by: Cocorose London

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