10 New Ways to Rock a Jumpsuit

Love easy to wear one piece outfits hence your dozens of dresses in the closet? Well, dresses aren’t your only option. Spread your stylish wings and jump on the jumpsuit trend.

The Jumpsuit began its fashionable journey the year 1917 when it was invented by Florentine Thayat as a creative DIY anti-bourgeoisie solution. Since then, it’s been reborn in more ways than you can count as Evil Knievel’s choice of armor, outrageous sparkly glam rock pieces to the Charlie’s Angels strutting their stuff, spying in fashion. Jumpsuits’ history is already so colorful and vibrant, but as with any other great style of clothing, there are always new ways, new trends to reimagine and rock them. Be part of the iconic jumpsuit-clad club with the help of this list of new ways to rock a jumpsuit.

10 New Ways to Rock a Jumpsuit

1. The Little White Jumpsuit

This extremely trendy jumpsuit has found its way on the red carpets and the streets. Building up to be a classic because of how easy it is to pull off. You’re sure to be stand out in this off shoulder LWJ must have.


2. Sometimes, Skin-tight Ain’t Right

When buying a jumpsuit, always go for the right size. Don’t size up or down, get your measurements and consult the size guide. The best look drapes, and isn’t skin tight. Remember, you don’t have to pull a Catwoman Leather jumpsuit every time you strut out with a jumpsuit.

3. Let It Drape But Don’t Lose Shape

Let it drape without losing shape by choosing a great cut. Go for one that cinches at the waist. Wide leg cuts will emphasize a cinched waist. If your jumpsuit is a nice loose cut, cinch it with a statement belt.


4. Just Like Extended Jeans

Get casual with denim overalls and learn from style icon, Kendall Jenner. Match it up like her with a brown leather belt or go super casual with some sneakers.

10 New Ways to Rock a Jumpsuit

5. Cover Up and Glam Up

Cover up your halter jumpsuit with a classy blazer, bomber jacket or cashmere coat. You can power up your tailored jumpsuit by suiting up. Channel your glam goddess with a faux fur coat.

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6. Layered Jumpsuit

For those cold days, get warm with a turtle neck underneath. Or, if you want, wear your jumpsuit as pants and tie the sleeves around your waist for a cool look.

7. The Little Black Jumpsuit

You just can’t go wrong with black. Elongating and slimming, a good, solid black Jumpsuit can do miracles.


8. Hem Up

Perfect if you think the jumpsuit’s overwhelming for your petite form or the long pants are simply just too hot. Casual and leggy, get pretty with a romper which is like a jumpsuit but with shorter legs or find a good cut-off jumpsuit.

9. Colour scheme

Stick to a color scheme and don’t get too busy. It’s great to go monochromatic and mix and matching textures. If you’re choosing patterns, have simpler or solid cored accessories. Go from Casual to Formal with the right accessories.

10. Jumpsuits are made for EVERYWHERE

The jumpsuit is just such genius piece that you can pull it off anywhere with just the right accessories. You probably see these celebrities rocking jumpsuits just about anywhere. Pick up some gold accessories and strappy stilettos to dress formal. For a casual look, a bomber jacket and chunkier heels can make you look breezy.

(3) 10 New Ways to Rock a Jumpsuit

This easy to wear piece has so many possibilities! Make the versatile jumpsuit a staple in your wardrobe. So, are you ready to get rocking in a jumpsuit? Tell us about your style strategies below!

Author Bio: Kate Sicangco is a fashion writer, who empowers women through her writing and practical fashion tips.

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