Boss Lady 101: How to Rock Flats in the Office?

Anyone who’s ever tried to run around the office all day in a pair of pointed-toe heels can attest to the fact that the curbside call of pure style can get old, fast. Thankfully, you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for functionality. There’s a host of seriously stylish shoes that won’t send you teetering toward the edge of your pain threshold at the end of the day.

Boss Lady 101 How to Rock Flats in the Office

You still want to look like a boss but also want to be comfortable? It’s time to embrace the wonderful world of flats. Of course, your flip-flops and TOMS are still a no-go, but there are other ways you can rock flats and still manage to look professional.

1. Knowing the Difference

There’s a difference between your Sunday brunch flats and your office flats. While the ones you use for the office can probably transition to Sunday brunch, it’s unlikely that the reverse is true. Your office flats need to have a certain authority that those floral print ballet flats just don’t. Sure, they’re cute, but they don’t say, “I’m serious about that deadline.” What you need are flats with a purpose. With polish, and precision.

Boss Lady 101 How to Rock Flats in the Office

2. Open-Toe Rule of Thumb

Can you wear open toed shoes in the office? This would largely depend on your office culture, but in most office settings, the safe answer is no. Not even peep-toes. Not even with a fresh pedicure.

Boss Lady 101 How to Rock Flats in the Office

3. What about exposed heels?

This one’s trickier, but here’s an easy way to make the call: if the show has no ankle support, like a clog, then don’t wear it. If it has ankle or heel straps, like a sling back, then you’re good to go.

Boss Lady 101 How to Rock Flats in the Office

4. Trust Your Gut

That tiny, squeaky voice inside you: listen to it. It’s the same one that told you not to cut your own bangs, or drop French class in high school because a second language would be useful down the road. And it was right on both accounts. So if it’s telling you that a pair of flats isn’t safe for work, it’s probably the right call. You know best what’s expected of you at your workplace – or you should.

Boss Lady 101 How to Rock Flats in the Office

There are a lot of options that can showcase your distinct style while still being totally office appropriate. Get ‘em, and love ‘em. Save the sexy and sassy look for Saturday night – or the office Christmas party.

Author: Maine Mine

Maine Mine is an ambivert who is passionate about life. She believes in making people smile and helping others through her words. When she’s not writing, you’d most likely catch her surfing the internet for new information about everything and anything under the sun.