3 Simple Tricks To Hide Your Cellulite

Around 80% of the women are fighting against one of their biggest enemies, the awful cellulite. If you are one of them than you know how much trouble it causes especially in this period of the year, when you want to look special in a bathing suit. Today we are presenting you 3 tricks that will show you how to hide the cellulite, that really work. Check them out!

How to hide the cellulite?

Self-tanning products

The cellulite is more evident on a light skin. Darker skin at least visually covers it. Three days before leaving on vacation apply self-tanning product on the areas where you have it. Believe me you will feel more confident on the beach than ever.

Hair spray

It may sound funny, but this is a magical solution for hiding cellulite. When you apply hair spray on the areas where you have cellulite, the skin will get tighter and you will hide the orange peel. On the down side, the effect lasts only few hours.

Cold shower

Cold water tightens the skin. If you can handle cold water, than take a cold shower before going to the beach. The critical parts of the body must be under cold water for at least 5 minutes. It’s painful, but it works.

Author: Viktor Milevski

Perfectionist by nature, big enthusiast, great chef, blogger and a beer lover…