10 Beauty Vloggers’ Makeup Products You Need to Know About

YouTube’s beauty vloggers are the modern day… Well, there’s nothing that you can compare them with besides, perhaps alchemists. So when a YouTuber puts their name on a product and tries their hand at developing something with both form and function, we like to sit up and pay attention.

Here are our top 10 YouTuber makeup collabs you need to know about!

1. Missy Lynn

10 Beauty Vloggers' Makeup Products You Need to Know About

To start this list off, we’ve chosen a YouTuber who’s doing a whole lot with a little bit of time. As an active member of the US military, Lynn combines her passion for utility and fashion, so it makes sense that she has over half-a-million subscribers, earning her a collaboration with BH Cosmetics. There’s nothing more unique than a beauty guru in the military. Missy Lynn embodies that wholeheartedly. Missy Lynn x BH Cosmetics is a palette that suits girls with medium to deep skin tones and has two highlighters as well as six eyeshadows.

BH Cosmetics Missy Lynn Palette Pop, $9, available at BH Cosmetics.

2. Angel Merino

10 Beauty Vloggers' Makeup Products You Need to Know About

If you’re looking for a makeup artist with over 1 million Instagram followers and the most diverse content, then look no further than Angel Merino. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and Angel is the embodiment of that fact! His clients include models like Chanel Iman and Tinashe amongst others. Check out his line called Artist Couture, which is notorious for the sparkliest metallics, especially the Diamond Glow highlighting powder.

3. Jade Marie

10 Beauty Vloggers' Makeup Products You Need to Know About

As a makeup artist specializing in airbrush makeup, an esthetician, beauty blogger, lipstick guru, Marie has a combined Instagram and YouTube audience of over 1 million people. That’s nuts! She and Angel Merino teamed up with PUR Cosmetics in order to create and later launch an amazingly ambitious project; a cruelty-free collection called Royalty which will officially launch on the 28th of November.

4. Kathleen Lights

10 Beauty Vloggers' Makeup Products You Need to Know About

Good taste can actually take you to places you’ve never dreamed of; at least that’s the case with Lights. ColourPop and Lights have collaborated before, but this collabo is one of her best. The shadows are more buttery and the colors seem to just glide on the skin.

ColourPop Cosmetics Where the Night Is, $18, available at ColourPop Cosmetics.

5. Chloe Morello

10 Beauty Vloggers' Makeup Products You Need to Know About

Probably one of Australia’s biggest makeup beauty gurus, Morello began her career only yesterday in 2012. She has since amassed over 2 million followers. Apart from being featured amongst the biggest fashion bloggers in Australia, she passed on some of her signature tips to Zanita, a blogger looking to expand her empire beyond still images. For this year’s holiday season, Ciaté teamed chose to collaborate with Morello for an ultimate palette of sorts.

Ciaté London Chloe Morello Beauty Haul, $49, available at Ciaté London.

6. Jaclyn Hill

10 Beauty Vloggers' Makeup Products You Need to Know About

Next to Michelle Phan, Jaclyn is one of the YouTube beauty community’s OGs (original gangsta), having started her channel in 2010 and earning herself over 3 million subscribers to date. Ever wanted to own a product with cult-status? Well, the Champagne Pop highlighter in this collaboration is just that. Released in 2015, everyone has been obsessed with it since and now… It’s here!

Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection, $38, available at Sephora.

7. Shannon Harris (A.K.A. ShaaanXO)

10 Beauty Vloggers' Makeup Products You Need to Know About

As if the Australian bloggers were not popular enough, New Zealand native Shannon Harris shows that the Kiwis are also a stylish bunch. She started her YouTube channel in 2009 and has since gained over 2 million followers. An absolutely must-have, the dual-sided palette created in collaboration with BH Cosmetics, one side has matte shadows, while another contains shimmer shadows which go from light and warm to vivid gold.

BH Cosmetics Shadow & Lipstick Palette, $11, available at BH Cosmetics.

8. Karrueche Tran

10 Beauty Vloggers' Makeup Products You Need to Know About

A relative newbie to the beauty Vlogger world, Tran began her channel about a year ago. She now mixes key pieces like lifestyle, food, fashion and beauty. This has earned her the admiration of her over 500, 000 subscribers. Her lip products aptly named “KaePop” lippies suit various skin tones as they come in various shades and quickly dry to avoid smudge.

ColourPop Cosmetics Chi Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick, $6, available at ColourPop.

9. Manny MUA

10 Beauty Vloggers' Makeup Products You Need to Know About

Who doesn’t know Manny Gutierrez? He is one of the biggest up-and-comers since he hit the scene over two years ago. He has since gained himself a flattering following of about 1.7 million subscribers. In the Ofra X Manny MUA collaboration, you’ll find casual nudes, deep rose-pinks, and brown-burgundies. The formulas are lovely, but not as long-lasting.

Ofra Lip Trio, $49.50, available at Ofra Cosmetics.

10. Zoe Sugg aka Zoella

10 Beauty Vloggers' Makeup Products You Need to Know About

Another OG who’s diversified her brand beyond “the perfect bun” or red lip, to being a lifestyle brand. The Zoella name is synonymous with young girls who see themselves in Sugg from her books to her delicious smelling bath products. On the 6th of November, she dropped a beauty line with Target called Zoella Beauty and just as expected, it did very well.

Have you added any of the aforementioned products to your collection?

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