How To Use Color Correcting Concealer The Right Way?

You’ve probably already heard about color correcting concealer, the makeup weapon that covers many different skin issues and provides spotless, bright and smooth face skin. Color correction is similar to base coat nail polish because color correcting primers provide a nice “canvas” for your overall makeup. The color correcting concealers will hide your dark circles, will correct redness and yellow and orange hues and will help the remaining makeup on your face to stay put.

Of course, you can correct any mild skin issues with your foundation and regular concealer but if you want your face to look spotless or you have some bigger discoloration issues than applying color correcting concealer under your foundation can become part of your morning routine. They are good for everyone, really.

Understanding Color Correcting Primers

This means that you can stop worrying about late nights out because you can fix the flaws the next morning in no time. You are probably wondering why they come in all colors of the rainbow? Well each one of them fixes different skin problem. To understand this better you should think of the color wheel: opposite colors help each other out. For example, if you have issues with redness you should use green primer, and if you are battling yellow skin tones, you should use the violet primer.

Another interesting thing about color correcting concealers is that even though they look very vibrant they actually blend into your skin. If they are out of your comfort zone, don’t worry because in this article you will learn everything you need to know about color correcting primers.

There are 5 basic types of color concealers. Find the one that works best for you and add it to your makeup routine if you are seeking perfection.

Choose the best color correcting concealer for you

1. Green color correcting concealer

Green concealer is great for correcting redness, acne, and blemishes. If you have more red area apply it all over your face before applying your foundation, or use it on specific red spots only.

Understanding Color Correcting Primers

2. Yellow color correcting concealer

Yellow concealer will even your skin tone and erase any signs of tiredness. It also corrects pink and light read complexion like ruddiness and broken capillaries.

3. Pink color correcting concealer

Pink concealer works amazingly with dull and sallow complexion. It will fix any yellow or mild green spots and will give life to tired skin. If you are going for a healthy and natural look, pink concealer is the best choice for you. It also works great for highlighting specific areas of your face.

Understanding Color Correcting Primers

4. Orange/peach color correcting concealer

The orange concealer corrects dark blue under eye circles and age spots caused by sleep deprivation, allergies, sun damage, heredity or stress. It brightens the deeper skin issues. Opt for a peach hue if you want to fix some mild blue discolorations like dark circles, veins, and sun spots. Use orange concealer for darker spots on you face or for blue bruises.

Understanding Color Correcting Primers

5. Purple/blue color correcting concealer

Purple and blue concealers fix sallow complexion brightening yellow and orange hues, hyper-pigmentation, dark circles and too orange face caused by self-tanning lotions.

Understanding Color Correcting Primers

How to apply color correcting concealer?

If we’ve convinced you to buy this product and include it in your daily beauty routine, then you should keep in mind that less is more. After choosing the right color for you skin type, apply it little by little and don’t overdo it. Once you are finished put some foundation over that swipe to ensure the concealer stays where you put it. Use it only where you need it!

How to choose the right concealer for you?

Choosing the right color is one thing but getting the right consistency for your face skin is another thing. If you are trying to even out some mild face issues you will need a lighter formula and softer hue. On the other hand, if you are dealing with extreme discoloration and extreme skin issues then you should choose a heavier product and more vibrant color. If you are confused about choosing the right color for your face, remember to always think about the complementary colors on the color wheel.

Multi-color correcting make-up

If using only single color does not work for you can always try the new way of contouring. You can take inspiration from bloggers around the world who create fun designs on their face using the whole palette. The goal is to use the right shade for each spot you need correcting.  You can try this technique just for some fun time in front of the mirror and if it works like magic for you, well keep blending away anytime time you want. 🙂

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