The Rise Of The Sports Luxe Trend

It all started in 1986 when a young designer by the name of Marc Jacobs established his pioneering fashion brand and brought sportswear into our everyday wardrobes. It wasn’t that simple of course, and this look has been a long time coming, but it is far from being a worn today, worn-out tomorrow kind of trend.

sports luxe trend

The sports luxe trend has developed over the years, and now we’re seeing trainers in the boardroom, luxe joggers worn in restaurants and sports-inspired jackets almost everywhere. In recent years, the line between formal and casual wear has been slowly erased and allowed for the steady rise of the sports luxe trend.

sports luxe trend

Look in any direction on the street and you’ll see women wearing yoga pants as everyday wear and men teaming their crisp suits with more luxe trainers. This trend has allowed men and women to introduce relaxed elements into their everyday attire and switch up their cumbersome work wardrobe fabrics for more comfortable alternatives. This isn’t about repurposing your usual gym joggers for everyday wear, the emphasis of this trend is on the luxe side of things.

sports luxe trend

This is good news for anyone who works in a more casual or style-conscious industry and wants greater freedom to express their personalities at work. You might not see any lawyers adopting this trend just yet, but don’t be surprised if you see more and more office workers adopting this trend.

sports luxe trend

Women love vintage sports luxe

For women, joggers are the perfect transitional item that will take you from autumn to winter. For the warmer autumn months, opt for light fabrics with bold prints before moving to heavier and more structured fabrics such as wool and tweed. Instead of the usual blouse or shirt option, women can move towards braver options crafted from scuba material, or choose a light blouse with bold color blocking, reminiscent of a sports jersey.

sports luxe trend

Men ditch the suits in favor of sports luxe

For men, even your suit trousers can be influenced by the jogger trend, borrowing the all-important cuff to retain proportion and offer a relaxed, cropped leg look. This leads naturally into the shoe choice, which can include popular brands such as Balenciaga or Android Homme. Both are renowned for their attention to detail and for crafting their shoes from a blend of traditional and highly technical fabrics. This look is completed with the perfect accessories, such as a luxury leather gym bag. Instead of a shirt, opt for casual long sleeve tops from a luxe brand.

How to Wear Sports Luxe Through The Whole Year

However, you choose to adopt this trend, make sure you adhere to the basic principle of sports luxe, which is to always include a touch of high-end luxury. A vintage t-shirt dress from a classic sporting brand can be instantly transformed with a designer handbag and a pair of heels, while men should look for luxe touches such as designer watches to complete the look.

How to Wear Sports Luxe Through The Whole Year How to Wear Sports Luxe Through The Whole Year

How does sports luxe fare through the seasons?

We’re talking seasons in terms of weather and fashion, here. Fortunately, sports luxe is one trend that seems to have some longevity, and is more of a lifestyle than a worn today and worn out tomorrow look. The best part of this look is that transcends the seasons perfectly, taking you from summer through to autumn and winter and back round to spring without any drastic changes to your look. From summer shorts and dresses to winter coats and expert layering, there’s a way to make sports luxe work any time of year.

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