Pantone’s Top Color For Spring 2016

We’ve presented you the top 5 colors for this autumn, but the experts from Pantone chose the color that will definitely mark 2016.

According their predictions, next year will be all about the gentle, soothing colors. That’s why rose quartz will be the number one color that will rule them all. Their researches have shown that over 22% of fashion designers already used this color in their spring collections for next year.  It looks great on man and woman, no matter the skin tone type.

Top color for spring 2016

The rose quartz crystal represents unconditional love, that’s why it is also known as the love stone. It is highly energetic and it is used to balance emotions and bring peace. It raises self-esteem and helps people to have stronger sense of self-worth.  This color is very unique, which is why Pantone declared it as top color for spring 2016.

Top color for spring 2016

Author: Viktor Milevski

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