A Detailed Review of WaySpa – The Only Website Every Spa Lover Needs

Howdy, all! It’s been a while since I wrote my last review on Sugar Bear Hair vitamins, hasn’t it? The thing is I don’t write just for the sake of writing as some bloggers do, on account of their loyal readers who expect freshly written content and product recommendations on a regular basis. One reason for that is that life has been pretty hectic, which is probably not good enough reason. Plus, keeping up with the online business world is pretty time consuming, but also totally necessary if you want to be а successful blogger. I have a lot of creative ideas but most often than not, I don’t have enough time, financial possibilities or big enough team to find the solutions to each aspect of this work. The last reason for my absence, but again not enough to justify my silence is that I needed this extra time to find a really interesting product or service to write a review about.

A Detailed Review of Way Spa – The Only Website Every Spa Lover Needs

I wanted to inform you about something that would be of a great value for you. However, now I am back and about to embark on my new review about WaySpa – industry leading one-stop online spa marketplace. With its great search tools and minimalistic web design, Way Spa will make spa-searching in your area or anywhere in Canada quick, effective and as easy as pie, enabling your entire spa experience to be comfortable and relaxing from the search of the available spa treatments to the hour of utter bliss. Because that is how it is supposed to be, I am right?

You may be asking yourself “Why do I need an online spa marketplace when I can just make a reservation in some hotel of my choice and book a massage for example while I am staying there?”. Well, the thing is that WaySpa is the largest spa and wellness network in Canada, having more than 2.000 spa partners around the globe who currently accept WaySpa Gift Certificates that are just a few mouse clicks away from you!

A Detailed Review of Way Spa – The Only Website Every Spa Lover Needs

Way Spa was founded in 2003 and its head office is located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. WaySpa is the fastest-growing wellness and spa marketplace offering more than 2.000 spa and wellness centers as well as competitive prices and enough information we all need to make a good choice. The only thing you need to do to book a perfect spa day, relax and rejuvenate yourself with your family or friends is to get through their spa menu and get an idea of what treatments are available for booking. Here you’ll find every kind of spa treatment you’ve been dreaming about from facials, body wraps, scrubs, massages, peelings, mani-pedis to waxing, hair treatments, permanent makeup, full face threading, couple’s packages, men’s beauty packages and so much more!

Benefits of Spa Treatments

It’s no secret that spa treatments can help you relax and ease of the accumulated stress over time but the truth is that the health benefits of these treatments go much deeper than you thought. If you are anything like me, a busy urbanite that always has too much to do and not enough time you definitely don’t take good care of yourself and you definitely deserve a little time off to pamper yourself. If you are truly busy and can’t afford to lose a lot of time you can choose a city day spa, but if you can take a break from your busy life, you should definitely take a couple of weeks of and truly experience the positive benefits on your body from different spa treatments. Believe me, a change of environment can be really good for the soul. From time to time, it’s necessary to escape from your everyday life and busy work schedule and enter into another relaxed world. Visiting a spa as little as a couple of hours per week can truly help you to turn off all external stimuli and discover the true miracle of having some “me” time to relax, recharge, detox and boost your energy.

A Detailed Review of Way Spa – The Only Website Every Spa Lover Needs

There isn’t enough space in this review to start explaining the health and beauty benefits of every spa service there is out there and how often you should book appointments in the spa to make the most of them. That being said I am going to stick to these two basic (and my personal favorite) spa services – massage and sauna.

Massage Therapy

So what does a day in the spa does for your health? Day spas provide a range of health promoting experiences. For an example, massage therapy and its curative powers are known since early times. The healing hands of a skilled therapist’s hands will benefit your body from the inside out. A good massage will improve your blood circulation which delivers nutrients and oxygen to the cells, alleviate the pain from your body, improve your sleep, boost your immune system, cure headaches, detoxify your body and enhance your energy level.

A Detailed Review of Way Spa – The Only Website Every Spa Lover Needs

Throughout the process of therapeutic massages, the lymphatic system is stimulated wherewith it draws out metabolic waste, toxins, excess water and bacteria from the muscles. As a result, the ability to fight off diseases increases and soreness and swelling decrease. Massage also improves posture and circulation hence sending more nutrients and oxygen through the cells, releases Serotonin and enhances the “feel good” factors and allows the body to regenerate. It can also ease of some pain caused by a headache. A research published in 2009 has shown that a regular full-body massage of at least half an hour will decrease the pain intensity or completely cure a headache, as well as remove the anger and stress caused by it.

A Detailed Review of Way Spa – The Only Website Every Spa Lover Needs

Spa treatments create both physical and mental benefits and at the same time are relatively quick and affordable for the average people. Researchers have shown that the frequency of visiting a spa directly improves the quality of your sleep. After a long week of work, our bodies are usually tired and tense, thus preventing us from getting a quality sleep. Merely one massage therapy can put you in a dream land in no time. Some studies show that regular massages are beneficial even for people who suffer from chronic sleep disorders. They help you calm your mind and relax your muscles, so all stress and anxiety are removed. With a body that is freed from pain, you will fall asleep like a baby even if you are the biggest night owl. A professional massage also reduces your absence of work because of less sick days and also correlates with fewer hospitalizations.

How Often Should you Get a Massage?

As you already know by now, massage works in wonderful ways, easing pain and stress, increasing circulation, calming the nervous system, stimulating internal organs, loosening tight muscles, and enhancing the skin. Of course, you want to hold on to that just-had-a-massage feeling for as long as possible. But how long it will last depends on the state of your body. It is important to remember that just like any other healthy habit, the effect of massage is cumulative, which means that the more often you get it, the greater and longer-lasting the benefits.

In dealing with the everyday responsibilities and tension a monthly massage will probably be enough for you. If you are dealing with high levels of stress, you may need more frequent sessions. On the other hand, if you are suffering from chronic pain or you are recovering from an injury, you will probably need massage therapies on a regular basis, like every week. Therefore, the state of your body will determine the best time between massages, and your practitioner will help you to settle the best course of action.

A Detailed Review of Way Spa – The Only Website Every Spa Lover Needs

In general, according to experts, getting a daily massage would be ideal, but considering few practical reasons such as time, cost and physical need, this is not really viable. The best way to turn going to the spa for a massage into a habit is to maintain a schedule in order to prepare your body for sessions at specific intervals.

Whether you get a massage therapy on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis, remember that following this habit may maximize and extend the afterglow of the treatments. Also, you can check out this article from Women’s Health and learn how to get the best rubdown ever.

Sauna Bath

If you are about to have one or two sauna sessions, you might want to read about the health benefits offered by this amazing treatment originating from the Nordic region. First and foremost in the intense heat sauna session, you’ll experience a lot of sweating which helps to flush toxins from your body in a great way. Did you know that sauna therapy is a nearly effortless way to lose weight? According to science people on average burn over 500 calories at a temperature of 170 degrees Fahrenheit. Other great benefits from regular spa sessions include recovering your tired muscles after workouts, boosting your immune system by enabling the production of white blood cells and helping you look younger by improving the blood flow to your skin. Furthermore going to the sauna will make your hair look amazing by activating the special gland on the scalp that releases compounds which help moisturize and condition our hair. Not bad, ha?

A Detailed Review of Way Spa – The Only Website Every Spa Lover Needs

The heat from a sauna, steam shower or hot tub soothes pains and aches caused by arthritis, sciatica, muscle spasms, fibromyalgia, joint pain and similar chronic conditions. Heat therapy, hydrotherapy, and professional massages regulate blood pressure and improve blood circulation. More and above, some spas even offer Pilates and yoga classes that can improve your overall wellbeing, breathing, mental clarity, and flexibility.

How Often Should you Go to the Sauna?

I’m a true sauna enthusiast and I truly recommend “sweat bathing” in order to relax, unwind, cleanse the skin, soothe sore muscles, improve performance in sports, reduce stress and temporarily relieve cold symptoms. Just like getting a massage, a single sauna session is relaxing and enjoyable, but only regular sessions may cause a positive effect. If you would like to have a stronger immune system, active metabolism, and good cardiovascular system, you need to take a sauna bath at least once per week. When you are feeling fit and healthy after taking a sauna bath, it is not a problem to take more baths per week. Actually, taking a sauna 2-3 times a week is a great step to attaining optimum health. As long as you feel healthy, taking a sauna bath every day is not harmful just be careful not to overstress your body.

If you got physical impairments (e.g. cardiovascular problems, acute diseases) you should not go in the sauna.

Saunas are considered safe for most users. However, if you got some medical problems you need to take extra precautions or avoid saunas altogether. Read more about the type of patients who should reconsider going to saunas.

Other spa treatments

Besides the amazing benefits of therapeutic massages and saunas, you can gain a lot of health and beauty perks from other spa treatments as well. Heat treatments initiate the purifying process and stimulate blood circulation. Body wraps boost the moisture in the skin, re-mineralize and recharge the body with nutrients and help to relax the mind and the body. Body exfoliating treatments polish the skin, refine pores and promote cells regeneration. Treatments that include submerging your body in water offer true balance because the water is yin and yang. Beauty spa therapies, on the whole, can help you in increasing your body energy because they reduce the accumulated stress and relax the muscles whereupon help in better body flexibility. Beauty spa therapies detoxify the body from toxins and help in lowering body fat. On the other hand, mud baths and facials detoxify the skin from bacteria and build up waste. The skin is the largest organ in our body and is the first line of defense against environmental toxins, thus these therapies are very important.

Furthermore, facials relieve the tension in the head and neck, which can help in preventing headaches. Mud baths exfoliate and nourish the skin through the natural elements in Earth-like clay, water, and soil which are full of minerals and vitamins. As an additional tension reliever, most spa use products that increase the physical and mental benefits of your particular treatment. For example, lotions, wraps, and scrubs come in soothing scents like aloe, lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus. In between spa visits, you can actually DIY scrubs at home because they are very easy to make and most of the ingredients you probably have in your cupboard.

A Detailed Review of Way Spa – The Only Website Every Spa Lover Needs

After we’ve discovered all these health benefits from visiting a spa we should all come back to our senses that we spend our waking hours obsessively checking our phones or our endless email and to-do lists without even realizing how unhealthy this lifestyle is. In today’s hectic and busy life, spa treatments for your health and beauty are very important to keep you going. And there is a reason why I am telling you this… Every spa-goer knows that spas have this spa etiquette. This means that the treatment rooms separates the client’s from technology, their cell phones, and the outer world. While you are having a treatment, you will definitely forget about everybody and everything that is bothering you in some way. The whole point of spa centers is to experience a complete healing experience in a relaxing atmosphere with Zen music, special lighting, and calming scents in order to free your mind and body. Meanwhile, you are going to enjoy some quality time with yourself in a silence that can help you become more mindful, centered, and peaceful and as a result – energized and stress-free.

Overall Benefits of Visting Spa Centres

Every spa professionals and spa-goers have long known the magical healing power of spas and they are aware that it’s a lot more than relaxing! You are not going to a spa only for the sake of chilling, that’s for sure. Nowadays, a client can choose from a variety of treatments available on the spa menu. The significance of spa treatments is undeniable to improve our wellbeing, to maintain our natural look, as well as to increase our beauty and make it last longer. The experience and the nurturing touch of a spa professional, along with different kinds of herbs and natural ingredients that are an important part of the beauty spa treatments play a remarkable role in providing a huge number of positive benefits for our body and skin.

Interested yet in setting your appointment with WaySpa?

Unfortunately, despite knowing the wonders that can happen in spas, we rarely pull out enough time for visiting one due to our busy schedules. But how about implementing this idea of mine? Next time your friends or spouse ask you out for a dinner you suggest to go at the spa instead? Even if they waver at the begging try to convince them that all of you deserve some pampering and healing. Who could say not to that, am I right?!

Why Do I believe WaySpa is good for everyone?

Well, first of all, most of the people, especially us women tend to spend hundreds of dollars each month on some superficial and expensive things and the pleasure of getting them last for only a few hours. I am talking about buying very expensive gown you’ll wear only a few times in a lifetime for those special occasions, exclusive cosmetic products that celebrities use and are not better than the cheap ones you already have in your makeup bag etc. This list can go on and on… Men are no better, though. They want to have expensive cars, to own the newest model of iPhone or every good (or bad) gadget that is available on the market. Of course, I am not trying to stereotype here or over generalize and say that every woman or man is described with these few sentences.

A Detailed Review of Way Spa – The Only Website Every Spa Lover Needs

My point here is that most people are more than happy to spend a lot of money on material things and tend to forget to satisfy their most important, primal needs – rest, recharge, take care of themselves and their wellbeing in order to become a better version of themselves, thus improving the relationship with everyone involved in their life. By making it a habit of scheduling a regular appointment in the spa you are telling yourself (and the rest of the world) that you are a mature and self-conscious person who knows how to prioritize things and put their life in order.

By now you may be wondering what’s so special in making your appointment using the Way Spa website. Well, this company is existing on the market for a very long time and by now it became the world’s premier spa-booking agency. On its website, WaySpa is constantly offering new promotions and specials and with its search tools helps the consumers to find amazing spa treatments and compare spa centers in their neighborhood or some other places around the globe.

If you got intrigued, keep on reading because this review goes over everything you need to know about this amazing online spa marketplace.

What exactly is WaySpa Offering?

As I’ve already mentioned before, WaySpa is the world’s fastest-growing online spa marketplace. WaySpa’s industry leading search tools give its users an opportunity to find different spa treatments and packages, compare the services in their area or across Canada and the world easily and quickly. At the same time, it offers you lists of competitive prices and the required knowledge in order to make good choices.

This supreme one-stop online spa marketplace is an amazing tool for every spa-goer. Whether you are looking for a couple’s package for your romantic getaway, quick maintenance with a mani-pedi combo nearby, an amazing way to spend some quality time with your loved ones or a great gift for your best friend, WaySpa has you covered. This service makes the searching so easy and at the same time is allowing your whole spa experience to be calming and restful. Your next trip to the spa is actually only a few clicks away, whether you are buying a single treatment, combo packages or gift certificates. With more than 2000 partners, on this site, you can find every kind of hotels, including ultra-luxurious spas, urban hotel spas, salon spas, holistic spas and other. Over and above, you can also read their up-to-date customer reviews and ratings in order to gather all of the important information before making a buying decision.

A Detailed Review of Way Spa – The Only Website Every Spa Lover Needs

This website runs 24/7 every day of the year, allowing you to book spa treatments and shop for gift certificates even when the spas are closed. The company has also a 24/7 customer service center to help you with your inquiries. The head office is located in Ontario, Canada and is open Monday – Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. EST.

A Detailed Review of Way Spa – The Only Website Every Spa Lover Needs

How The Booking Process at WaySpa Works?

It’s important to note that the Way Spa online spa marketplace doesn’t have an option to make an actual online booking. This means that in order to schedule your spa appointment at the desired hotel, you should first find the spa you prefer and then click “Buy Now”. However, after this process, you don’t need a credit card to complete the booking process. Once you have completed the appointment information, your request will be forwarded to the spa and they will contact you to confirm. The payment is made directly to the spa during checkout with a WaySpa gift certificate (I’ll explain what this is later). You should also be informed that tax isn’t included in the advertised price on WaySpa and it will be included on your bill during checkout.

It’s also a good rule of thumb to plan and book your spa appointment at least several days in advance because you can never tell if a spa will be available on the date and time you request. Also, you should keep in mind that if you submit an appointment online that doesn’t mean that your booking is confirmed. Instead, you should wait for the Spa to call you to confirm the date and time you picked or to provide you with alternative time and/or date.

How to Setup Your Account on WaySpa?

If you are a new customer to Way Spa, create a free account by clicking on “sign in” in the right upper corner of the home page and complete the “New to WaySpa” section. In few seconds you’ll see this page. Now, you can choose to browse through the thousands of spa services available on Way Spa, or if you’ve already made a selection, your next step should be buying a WaySpa gift certificate.

A Detailed Review of Way Spa – The Only Website Every Spa Lover Needs

A Detailed Review of Way Spa – The Only Website Every Spa Lover Needs

How to Gain Access to Your Account on WaySpa?

After you’ve setup your account you need to sign in in order to gain access to your information. Click on “My Account”, located at the top right corner of the homepage and enter your email address and password. After logging in, you’ll be able to see a link to all your account details like your profile, your gift purchases, and your bookings.

A Detailed Review of Way Spa – The Only Website Every Spa Lover Needs

How to Buy WaySpa Gift Certificate?

Click on the button “buy a gift card” shown on the slider on home page. Select the amount you would like to pay from the range 25$ – 500$. Please note that at the moment of publishing this review, WaySpa allows you to purchase gifts in Canadian dollars only. Then you can choose to receive your gift certificate through email, to print it or to be shipped to an address of your choice (for which you’ll be charged additional shipping fees).

A Detailed Review of WaySpa – The Only Website Every Spa Lover Needs

A Detailed Review of Way Spa – The Only Website Every Spa Lover Needs

After choosing the preferred method the next thing you need to do is complete your first and last name and your email address and click on the button “add to cart”. After clicking the button, you’ll be able to check again your shopping cart and if everything seems correct, click on the “checkout” button. The next step in buying your WaySpa gift certificate is to fill your payment information and the billing address. WaySpa is accepting Visa, Master Card, and American Express at this moment. After entering your information, click “buy now”. Congratulations! You have just bought your first WaySpa gift certificate!

A Detailed Review of WaySpa – The Only Website Every Spa Lover Needs

A Detailed Review of WaySpa – The Only Website Every Spa Lover Needs

E-mail, Print or Ship your WaySpa Gift Certificate

WaySpa has flexible delivery options for different buyers. Do you want to receive your certificate fast? Try their instant email delivery. Another option is to instantly print off your gift certificate, put it in an envelope and surprise that special someone with your unique present. If you are not in a hurry you can choose the third delivery option – shipping. The company will ship it along with a note all packed in a luxurious envelope to give it an extra touch of elegance. If you want to find out more details regarding your shipment you should simply login to your account, click on “My Gift Purchases”, select the gift certificate that you want to track and click on “Track Shipment”, where everything will be explained.

A Detailed Review of WaySpa – The Only Website Every Spa Lover Needs

How to Use WaySpa Gift Certificates?

By now, you’re probably wondering how Way Spa gift certificates can be used? Well, the best way is to use them instead of cash and pay for every spa booking you made from wayspa.com. They are actually very simple to use. You should simply show the certificate at the time of check-out at the spa and the price of your spa service will be charged from the value of your certificate and applied to your booking. Way Spa gift certificate does not expire and its value can be used for treatments at any of the 2.000 WaySpa partners around the globe. You should check back this website often because the company is adding new spas to their website every day. There are only a few of their partners who don’t participate in the company’s gift program but you can eliminate them from the search by selecting spas that “accept gifts” at the bottom of the page.

A Detailed Review of WaySpa – The Only Website Every Spa Lover Needs

How to Personalize your Gift Certificate?

It is very easy to personalize your gift certificate. You simply need to enter your name as well as the name of the gift recipient and write your custom message which will be printed on a greeting card along with the gift certificate amount during the checkout process. Also, WaySpa will gladly deliver your personalized gift certificate to your gift recipient along with WaySpa gift box.

A Detailed Review of WaySpa – The Only Website Every Spa Lover Needs

Your Treatment Costs Less than the Gift Certificate Value. How to Use the Remaining Amount?

Do you have some extra balance on your Gift Certificate after you’ve paid for your treatment? Well, don’t worry it won’t go to waste. If the price of your treatment is lower than the value of your Gift certificate, you will receive a CREDIT FROM THE SPA where that certificate was redeemed at with your remaining balance.

Can you Make Changes to your Bookings on WaySpa?

The answer is yes! If you want to cancel or reschedule your appointment you should call the spa directly to make the changes. Bear in mind that cancellation policies vary from spa to spa. Standard practice is that you cannot change the date and time within 48 hours of the appointment date, so you should check their policy at the time of your confirmation. Also, try to be at least 15 minutes ahead of your appointment.

How to Use Corporate WaySpa Gifts Cards?

You are an owner of a company and are looking for a corporate incentive plan for your employees, clients or customers? Well, you’ve come to the right place! What’s a better way to stimulate and motivate your employees than rewarding them with a corporate WaySpa Gift Card? No matter where your employees, customers or clients live, work and play, chances are they are usually stressed out due to the fast time we live in and they need constant reminders to relax and find more time for themselves. By rewarding your employees, industry partners or customers with a Way Spa Gift Card you are not just giving them the gift of rejuvenation and relaxation and a memorable day at the spa. Spa and wellness treatments can help your employees to feel refreshed, relaxed and ready to face new challenges at work and bring better results. With this one and simple gift, you can create a happier staff, clients, and customers.

A Detailed Review of Way Spa – The Only Website Every Spa Lover Needs

The WaySpa corporate gift card is the excellent holiday gift, thank you gift, promotional tool or sales incentive. Canada’s biggest spa and wellness network offers more than 2.000 spa centers and together with its volume discounts and expert team, it’ll help you put through an amazing program that will definitely satisfy your employees, partners, and clients and will allow you to come in under budget at the same time.

Can you Personalize your Corporate Gift Cards?

Sure thing! You should definitely consider customizing your gift card with your corporate logo. WaySpa corporate gift cards can be personalized with a personal message, co-branded with your logo and presented in modern and sleek packaging that will make you look professional and classy. A unique initiative like this makes a great impact and will improve the loyalty from your employees, will attract new customers and will increase your exposure. They will feel amazing and you’ll look amazing in their eyes as well!

A Detailed Review of WaySpa – The Only Website Every Spa Lover Needs
Buy the Corporate Gift Cards now, give them away later! There are no additional fees and you don’t have to worry about expiration dates because there aren’t any. If you are looking for an instant relaxation gift the only thing you need to do is email the company and just sit back and relax. Everything else will be taken care of for you. Corporate WaySpa gift cards are easy to use and easy to give. Use the WaySpa locator tool and find a spa close by to your office and give yourself and your collaborators the gift of relaxation, wellness, health, and rejuvenation.

Find Spas Near You

What’s the Downside of Using WaySpa Marketplace?

Well, I must comment the obvious flaw of this website – it doesn’t have an actual booking where you’d be able to schedule your appointment by choosing the preferred date and time and pay for the service ONLINE with your credit card. Instead, you are forced to plan your spa appointment and book it at least several days in advance because you don’t know in the spa will be available when you want it to be. Then, you wait for the spa to call you so they can confirm or reschedule you preferred time and date. If you ask me this is a real downside because, I mean we live in the high-tech 21st century, right? Regardless, Way Spa is the largest spa and wellness network in Canada, having more than 2.000 spa partners in Canada and around the globe and these would be more than enough reasons for me to be their user. How about you?

Final Thoughts on WaySpa Marketplace?

All in all, I must say that I truly adore WaySpa marketplace because I am not limited to only one spa with the gift card. There is nothing like pampering yourself after a busy week at work. Since I’ve become their user when I was visiting my cousin in Toronto last summer, I am constantly reminded that going to the spa is the best gift I can buy for myself and my dear ones and that I should ALWAYS think about my well-being before everything else. There’s nothing more important than our health, isn’t it!? On the plus side, I am always well informed about the latest discounts which mean that I am saving money. Yay! I am more than excited to visit my cousin next summer again! More and above, I have a huge amount of available spa services to choose from and I am a person who easily gets bored so I always have something new to try.

The WaySpa Gift Cards come in many denominations so you don’t have to blow your budget. As a matter of fact, you can buy a gift card in the value you believe is enough for you and if you don’t spend the whole sum you can always come back at the same spa center and use the rest of the credit. All being said, I truly recommend this website and I encourage you to sign up today – believe me you won’t regret it and your body will be thankful.

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