6 Ways to Enjoy Early Mornings and Make Them Magical

They say the most productive people are those who wake up earlier than the rest. True. Being few minutes or hours early than anyone else allows you to spend some time with yourself and focus on certain tasks – uninterrupted. Believe it or not, it makes not just your mornings but also your entire day more magical too.

6 Ways to Enjoy Early Mornings and Make Them Magical

Here’s what you should try:

1. Wake Up Early

This is the first step in enjoying your early mornings. Nonetheless, it takes a lot of discipline and willpower to wake up earlier than usual and have some time with yourself. Every day, try waking up earlier, say an hour early than your usual wake up time. Brush your teeth, splash some cold water on your face to wake you up, and head to your morning spot to help you jumpstart your morning.

6 Ways to Enjoy Early Mornings and Make Them Magical

This leads you to the next tip.

2. Enjoy The Silence

The good thing about waking up early is you have not just your home but also all the time to yourself. Consequently, you get to enjoy silence and being away from the noise in your environment. You can enjoy silence through deep breathing, drinking your morning cup of Joe, or even meditating. Set up your yoga mat or go to your quiet spot where you can just enjoy and savor the silence. Stop and smell the flowers. It will change the way you look at mornings.

6 Ways to Enjoy Early Mornings and Make Them Magical

3. Set a Morning Routine

Do you want to make your mornings even more magical and productive? Always have a morning routine. Making your cup of coffee is the first step in establishing your routine in the morning. You can even read a good book, check your email, or browse your social media accounts as you take a sip. Apart from this, consider listing three important tasks you need to do today and don’t forget to play your day ahead. In other words, your morning routine should be doing tasks that will make your day go smoother. At the same time, it should include tasks that focus on yourself first before all the chaos for the day comes knocking at your door.

6 Ways to Enjoy Early Mornings and Make Them Magical

4. Consider Doing Some Inspiring Activities

It’s understandable if you can’t get your creative juices flowing – yet – in the morning. As you start your day, why not incorporate inspiring activities to get you going. It could be writing your thoughts or updating your diary of Life (if you have one). The important thing is whatever you do, make sure you keep yourself inspired. It will translate in everything you do throughout the day as well.

6 Ways to Enjoy Early Mornings and Make Them Magical

5. Do Some Physical Activities

Here’s another activity you should add to your morning routine: exercise. You know what they say, exercise releases endorphins and makes you happy. As part of your routine, make it a habit of exercising and getting your heart pumping. You can exercise on a rowing machine for a quick full-body workout or do activities that you like such as walking, swimming, cycling, or going to the gym. Some days might make you want to crawl and curl in the bed. It’s okay if you’re not in the mood to workout. Simple stretching exercises or doing jumping jacks could also make a difference.

6. Shower And Get Ready For A Happy Day Ahead

Here’s another secret to starting your day and making it more magical: take a shower, especially after working out. Taking a shower gives you a fresh start and a clear mind to face the challenges of the day. Plus, don’t you just love feeling fresh and cool in the morning?

6 Ways to Enjoy Early Mornings and Make Them Magical

With these tips in mind, are you ready to start your mornings and make them more magical? Go ahead, do it, and see the difference.

Author Bio: Scott Murphy rowed crew at college in upstate New York and still has the same passion for the sport over 20 years later. He is a regular contributor to allrowers.com, a site offering reviews, workouts, industry news and education about the benefits of indoor water rowing and regular exercise.

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