6 Best Tips to Be Creative to Improve Your Mental and Physical Health

In life, our value is often determined by our achievements. For instance, a successful man is he who has conquered all odds and is now on top of his game. Woe to those who are still struggling to reach that position. Our society is fond of stereotyping like it has become pretty much inseparable with our existence. So, how do we avoid being labeled among the less fortunate? There should be a secret for us to be labeled among the likes of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and much more.

6 Best Tips to Be Creative to Improve Your Mental and Physical Health

1. Write in your journal

If you could notice, most popular and successful men today are also offering their life’s story to be read by many in a form of a book. You might wonder how they can recall all of those events and have it written in a book. The truth is, these guys kept track of their lives by writing everything down in their journal. This is a very helpful tool to be able to realize whether you are indeed growing for good or the other way around. This way, you’d also be able to analyze and discover certain behavioral patterns that are helpful or not.

2. Mental exercise – Get crafty

Most of us are fond of doing the things the way they are traditionally done and despise innovation. Well, take a look at those successful people around you. They are ordinary guys like yourself, but one thing that’s separating them from the rest of the world is innovation. This art involves a lot of critical skills. It doesn’t mean the skills should be inborn as this could be acquired over time. To sharpen your brain and become a critical thinker, start practicing mental exercises in a great deal. This will improve both your brain’s critical and mental skills and will surely bring you to the top in no time.

6 Best Tips to Be Creative to Improve Your Mental and Physical Health

3. Stick to healthy habits

The most important one to be able to realize our fullest potential. The mind can’t just work all alone as we are a composite of both our mental and physical health. It is vital that you stick to habits that won’t ruin your overall health. Always keep in mind that the body is the vehicle that our mind can use to perform at its best shape. Hence, it is very important to keep both of these aspects healthy if we wish to be on the top. For energy you can drink kratom tea.

6 Best Tips to Be Creative to Improve Your Mental and Physical Health

4. Go to art exhibits and museums

The work of most artists you can find in Museums are not only distinct, but they also have their very own way of invoking emotions. Ordinary people won’t understand this most often. We might wonder why a crazy portrait or wobbly lines are being sold at such a high price when they look like junk. The point is simple; you lack the eyes to appreciate such art. In order to beat the odds, you might want to go to such exhibits on a regular basis.

5. Start building your creative capacity

The real purpose of going to exhibitions more often is to sharpen your mind and to start building your creative capacity. In doing so, you’d start seeing the other side of things. The once poor slab of concrete that you’ve seen every day as you go to work might now be of meaning and value to you. If we are to bring this skill to a larger scale, you’ll surely become someone who’s innovative, and whose creativity is nearly out of this world.

6 Best Tips to Be Creative to Improve Your Mental and Physical Health

6. Read something challenging & Get active

This is the last tip albeit, Another way to sharpen your mind is reading something that is hard to decipher. When doing this, your brain is led to a more complex and hard to understand the world. Take philosophy books, for example; they contain thoughts that you probably never thought possible. This is the reason they are still relevant until today in schools. The challenge is, to start thinking like those authors and be able to apply that same mentality in the way we live our lives.

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