5 Hints to Get Your Partner to Propose

You’ve been together for some time now, and you think he’s the one! As with any relationship, you always want the next step – Marriage!

Committing to your partner is extremely romantic and you can finally foresee your life together. The problem arises when he doesn’t think the same way! So how do you make him pop the million dollar question? How to get your partner to propose?

5 Hints to Get Your Partner to Propose

Either there’s something you’re doing wrong, or there’s something you’re not doing enough of! Let’s look at hints to entice him to get down on his knee and pop the question.

Does he want to get married?

For most men the question isn’t when, but if at all! Men avoid marriage and commitment till they can’t help it anymore. If your man is one of these, then find out why he doesn’t want to get hitched. For all you know, he might have thought about it but is waiting for the correct time to propose. Many men also consider financial decisions before they pop the question. The best way to tackle this is to simply talk to him in a light, conversational tone. Don’t nag him! If he says he doesn’t want to ever get hitched, don’t throw a tantrum. Deal with it maturely, and consider your options – whether you would prefer convincing him, or whether it’s time to move on.

Is it the correct time to get married?

Weddings, ceremonies, receptions and the rings are expensive affairs. If you plan to subtly start asking your partner and are dropping hints, first ensure that you are both financially independent to get married. If you both are free spirits and would prefer a civil ceremony with no functions, then that’s fine. But if you want an elaborate wedding, you need to consider finances first. Maybe he hasn’t asked to marry him yet because he’s also considering the same options. Ideally, drop hints, get all the information, and talk to him about it. If he’s as in love as you are, he would have considered all financial implications. Take a combined decision to start your lives together.

5 Hints to Get Your Partner to Propose

Don’t pressure him

Yes, you’re ready to settle down. But that doesn’t mean you start pressuring him! Don’t be obvious about your perfect wedding dress and venue, instead be subtle. Casually point out a pretty engagement ring and walking away smiling. The more subtle your hints, the better he will remember them. Talk about the wedding in abstract terms, and don’t ask him when he is going to propose, instead you could ask him when he sees himself settling down. While this is a sneak attack to get him to think about marriage, it could work wonders for your wedding! Let him take his time to think about it and formulate a proposal on his own. This will make him and you happier in the end.

Start looking good again

This sounds silly, but it makes a world of difference! When you start looking after yourself, dressing better, and maintaining your confidence, your man starts noticing you again. Also, this will make him realize there are other men noticing you too. Nothing works better than insecurity! Don’t do anything to make him jealous or wonder if you’re seeing someone else. Be yourself, but look better! He will go insane wondering why you’re suddenly looking so pretty and maintaining yourself. Little does he know that getting into your wedding dress with a beautiful ring is the end game! Go get him – drive your man crazy! See how fast he puts a ring on your finger!

Talk to him!

We know you have a fantastic relationship, and you want to take it to the next level, but if you don’t talk to him about what you want, he isn’t going to know. If you’re done dropping hints, showing him what you like, and looking amazing, then it’s time to talk to him. Ideally, go out for a romantic dinner and tell him in a conversational tone what’s on your mind. Ask him what’s on his. You might be surprised at the outcome of this conversation. Take your time, and talk to him.

5 Hints to Get Your Partner to Propose

There’s no sure shot way of getting your man to propose, but there are always means to convince him and Katie Jones from Orla James agrees!  Whether he does or doesn’t pop the question, at least you will have a clearer picture. Once you are sure about your future, you can decide what’s next for yourself. We hope there are wedding bells in your future soon!

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