5 Needless Wedding Traditions You Can Cut to Save Money

It’s easy to end up spending a fortune on a wedding especially if you decide to stick to costly wedding traditions. It’s the 21st Century traditions and we are of the opinion that some of these wedding traditions need to go. We’ll help you pull off an economical wedding by eliminating some expensive traditions in your wedding. After all, some of these old-age practices have lost meaning over time. In the end, it’s the memories that you have created with your family and friends that will matter.

Five Needless Wedding Traditions You Can Cut to Save Money

1. Going at it alone

Most brides and grooms feel like it’s not proper to ask friends and family to chip in when it comes to the wedding budget. There’s no shame in asking people to help you share the cost of certain services in order to make the event more affordable for you. You can even ask your wedding planner is he/she is willing to ask some of his clients to share items like decorations or chairs at a lower cost. This way, it will be not just an event for the two of you, but an event for everyone involved.

2. Matching bridesmaid dresses

Give your bridesmaids the liberty to select the dresses they want to wear depending on their budget as well as their style. Of course, you can have a theme that sets the guideline as to what color or style requirement needs to be met. However, choose items that are within everyone’s budget especially if you expect them to pay for their dress. You don’t need matching dresses for your bridesmaids, in fact, if they can express their own individuality, the better it is. Just make sure that they are still within the theme or motif of your wedding.

Five Needless Wedding Traditions You Can Cut to Save Money

3. Rules on buying an engagement ring

Some couples encounter so much stress when it comes to selecting their engagement rings. The reality is that the ring is just a symbol of your love but it doesn’t make any sense adding expenses because you want to fulfill a certain tradition. Focus on the significance of the ring as opposed to its price tag. It is important that the groom won’t be pressured into getting you the engagement ring just because of this tradition. You can even look for an engagement ring together so you both can agree on the price and the style. It won’t hurt his wallet, plus, you’ll get the ring that you like.

Five Needless Wedding Traditions You Can Cut to Save Money

4. Bride paying the wedding bill alone

Gone are the days when the cost of the wedding is left for one person or one side of the family to handle. It’s ok if you decide to split the cost between the couple or even allow other family members to chip in. Discuss with your partner what is likely to work for your situation rather than sticking to a tradition that will leave one side broke and frustrated.

5. Overly done wedding cakes

Who says you have to have the many-tiered wedding cake in order to make an impression? Today, most brides are choosing to take it easy on the decorations and number of tiers on their wedding cake. Don’t worry about the traditions that go along with the type or number of cakes you need to have. Get a wedding cake that you love and can afford.

Five Needless Wedding Traditions You Can Cut to Save Money

These are just some of the suggestions that you can do for your wedding day. For your special day to be extraordinary, it doesn’t have to be expensive at all. All you need to do is to be a little creative and think outside the box. Talk to your friends and family, they are sure to be generous when it comes to suggestions and especially in helping you out to make your wedding day more than memorable.

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