Magic Brought to Life: Ideas for a Sparkling New Year’s Party

New Year’s Eve is a prelude to that fresh new phase of life we’re all hoping for as the 1st January approaches, and so the party has to be memorable. Chances are, you don’t have to worry about the good vibes from your guests: they’re all eager to have fun and celebrate. What you do need to consider are the logistics, the details, and the desired style direction of the party you’re planning on throwing. Here are some ideas you can use for a fabulous New Year’s party everyone will remember as stylish and well-planned, with a nostalgic smile.

New Year's Party

Fun games to make people interact

Games are great for at least two reasons: they are entertaining and they bring people together. If you’re planning on inviting a wide number of people, some of them will be strangers. Games are ice breakers in that sense: they make communication run smoother and making connections easier.

Magic Brought to Life Ideas for a Sparkling New Year's Party

For example, you can organize a game of writing down personal predictions or resolutions for the upcoming year: use a free printable set of cards or be creative and come up with your own. Then guess who wrote what line: it’s a great way to loosen up the atmosphere. The classic games that never fail include “Never have I ever” and “Truth or dare”: these are simple and people love them as they evoke those dramatic teenage times and can spice up the New Year’s party. However, don’t force everything to go according to how you’ve imagined it: let the party flow on its own.

Magic Brought to Life Ideas for a Sparkling New Year's Party

Impressive eye-catching details

Decorating your New Year’s party the right way should not be underestimated. Successfully chosen details can turn your ambient from cozy but plain to party-friendly and engaging. Add a bit of spark to it and create some great photo opportunities by getting crafty. Use a foam board and wrap it up in golden wrapping paper. Buy as many reflective sequins (about 60 mm in diameter) as you’d like and use pins to pin them all to the board. Use masking tape to attach the board to the wall and voila – you have an eye-catching DIY photo booth! Dim the lights and go for the unconventional: use glow cups and make drinking more fun, arrange shimmering candles or Christmas ornaments, hand a few soft holiday lights. Matching helium balloons are always a nice touch, especially because at one moment – someone will want to inhale the air and make funny voices, which is always a laugh!

Magic Brought to Life Ideas for a Sparkling New Year's Party

Be creative with drinks and catering

Food is mandatory but you don’t have to go over the top. Two factors to consider include variety and amounts. It doesn’t have to be expensive but rather to include the element of surprise. You can achieve this with aesthetics: food décor or the way you arrange catering. Same goes for the drinks: think outside of the box! How about serving champagne sangria at midnight? Seems unusual, but that’s what your guests will remember. Use cooled apple, orange, and cranberry juice and mix them with desired champagne. Add apples, kiwi, oranges, or whatever other fruit you’d like. Mix it all up and you’ll be surprised with the refreshing sparkling taste. Check out other recipes and feel free to experiment.

Magic Brought to Life Ideas for a Sparkling New Year's Party

Make it a themed party

If you’ve missed the Halloween this year and you really like costumes, see how your guests would feel about a themed party. These grown-up dress-up games are always fun and there are plenty of themes you can consider: from Great Gatsby and the wonderful jazz-era, to disco ‘70 where you can boogie, the possibilities are endless.

Magic Brought to Life Ideas for a Sparkling New Year's Party

With these simple tips, you can become a great host. New Year’s party is like a magical time portal that leads into new beginnings. Everyone feels it’s time to start over and everyone shares the same urge to turn it around this time – to be better, smarter, more ambitious and loving. Think of yourself as someone who only ensures everything runs smoothly from the background: ensure a heart-pumping music playlist and enjoy watching your New Year’s party bloom.

Magic Brought to Life Ideas for a Sparkling New Year's Party

Author: Zara Lewis

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