Staying Healthy isn’t Expensive! 10 Creative Ways to Be Healthy

Are your plans to keep fit impeded by family, career and other aspects of your life? If so, then you are not alone.

Everyday pressures take a big chunk out of everyone’s time and attempting to devote time for regular exercise may not always work well all the time. Keeping yourself fit can be an overwhelming task and can cost a lot, to boot. Fortunately for you, there are ingenious yet simple ways to preserve your healthy self.


1. Go with free sports

Participating in some sports can be costly, so choose those that do not require you to pay fees or buy equipment. Find organizations in your locale that offer free facilities for the public.

2. Don’t buy fitness DVDs

Instead of buying fitness DVDs, borrow from your local library. Many libraries offer a wide selection of exercise DVDs, which is a practical alternative to pricey gym routines. If you need variation and if you wish to step things up, you can always go back to the library and choose from their collection.

3. Practice Yoga for free

Yoga Today, for example, streams a free, one-hour yoga class every week. Take advantage of this free session to improve your flexibility and strength, as well as to relieve your stress and minimize your weight.

Staying Healthy isn't Expensive! 10 Creative Ways to Be Healthy

4. Get trim with friends

Having your friends with you impacts your health in a positive manner. Gather your friends and go rollerblading on a weekend, play beach volleyball, or enroll in dancing classes. You can also create your own sports group and meet on a regular basis.

5. Grow your own vegetables

One way to switch to a healthier diet is by replacing high-fat ingredients with herbs and spices that you grow on your own. Aside from being a fun project, growing your own plants in your own home can save you money since fresh produce are more expensive when bought in the supermarket.

Staying Healthy isn't Expensive! 10 Creative Ways to Be Healthy

6. Search for healthy under $10 meals

Dinner on a budget does not have to equate to a drive-through. Go online and search for budget recipes that consist of healthy food that can be prepared for less using ingredients that are already in your kitchen.

7. Use coupons

When shopping, sign up for a service that sends you what you need such as discounts on healthy frozen meals to all-natural, gluten-free, organic food. If you have a food you enjoy, see if there are any ways to get a discount. This can often be found by doing a quick search online or visiting your favorite couponing website.


8. Self-massage

Going to the spa for a massage can cost a hundred dollars. Keep your muscles relaxed by using self-massage techniques. There are guides to self-massage that you can search for on the Internet to help you perform the techniques correctly.

9. Talk it out

If there is something that is bothering you physically or mentally, then consider signing up for free self-help groups such as the one offered by, which provides a database of support groups for people dealing with a range of problems from addictions to parenting.

10. Plan a healthier future

Discover your potential health risks by asking your family and relatives about their health conditions as well as those of your ancestors’. By raising awareness of your health and probable conditions that may affect you, you help reduce the possibility of major conditions, thus protecting your long-term health.

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