Cize – A Fitness Revolution

Month February finally arrived, and I think it is safe to say that most of our fitness-related New Year’s resolutions have finally ended. Most people, who felt strong about losing weight and toning their body this time around, stop to feel disappointment- again. And they are not to blame entirely. The problem, slightly more complicated, has a couple of layers.

Cize - a fitness revolution
First things first, creating a habit takes orchestrated effort. And the attempt to incorporate exercise along with healthy diet is an irrationally hard move. Building the smallest of habits can wear you down, so you can imagine the mental strain when trying to transform your body all at once. Then you have frustration as a result of the day in and day out boredom. Sticking with something becomes eventually overwhelming if you forget to have fun. And finally, it’s hard to achieve a certain goal without first knowing a mapped out approach; which is what most fitness beginners learn after trying everything all at once.
Cize - a fitness revolution

The Cize workout

But fear not. Recently, there’s been a new workout program trending for a couple of months. Released back in July, this workout quickly turned the tables, providing a new revolutionary approach to losing weight. Created by fitness celebrity Shaun T, the man behind Insanity and Focus T25, this is a dancing workout routine named Cize, and lasts for no more than a month.
Cize - a fitness revolution

As described in this Cize review, you will be losing weight and toning your body before the week comes to an end- all the while having fun, doing guess what? Dancing! The girl who wrote the review for Lifestyle Updated, through a series of jokes, describes her love and hate relationship with fitness. Staying healthy doesn’t have to be hard- she says- pointing out that every previous attempt of getting in shape was met with disappointment. The Cize workout, according to her words, is something that you can look forward instead of cringing every time you think about your daily session. And with the emphasis on fun, this program will make you committed without any extra effort on your part to stay motivated.
Cize - a fitness revolution

There are 9 workouts, each with a separate choreography and rhythm, all of them around 30 minutes or so in length. The moves are low-impact and easy to follow, and once you get the tempo up you will be sweating buckets. The program puts a special emphasis on cardio, so the workouts follow low-intensity sessions of constant cardio fun. Your abdomen will look flat even after a week of training with Cize, and your thighs will finally tone and lose all the extra fat tissue. There is even a sequence of rhythmic abs that you do on the floor, in the C-sit position, that is perfect for staying fit even after you complete the program. The length of this specific workout? Believe it or not- only 8 minutes.
Cize - a fitness revolution Cize - a fitness revolution

Cize is more than convenient

Another great thing about Cize, in relation to staying committed, is that you won’t have the usual excuse of not wanting to commute to the gym. Cize, as is the case with home workout programs, can be done in the comfort of your living room. You won’t need a lot of space- only 6×5 feet. No equipment whatsoever. In addition to the workout schedule, which will be nicely laid out on the wall calendar (you get two of these- a beginner and advanced version) you also get a nutrition plan as well. Keeping to the basics, it will help you refine your diet principles.
Cize - a fitness revolution

So for those of you who usually put an end to every fitness journey along with the end of January, changing things up a bit might be the best strategy for long-term success. Having fun is preferable to counting reps and sets, don’t you think? So what do you say- are you interested in a dance?
Cize - a fitness revolution

Cize is available to buy on  the official site or via Amazon, offered in different packages. We recommend you to try Shaun T’s CIZE Dance Workout – Base Kit if you are a beginner in dancing or Shaun T’s CIZE Dance Workout – Deluxe Kit if you are a pro.

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