The Benefits of the 7-Minute Workout for Moms

Have you suddenly lost the motivation to get to the gym? Or, have workouts turned boring for you? More so, are you fed up of spending time on the treadmill and weight rack? Above all, is not even yoga giving you the kind of stimulation it once gave? What next then?

The Benefits of the 7-Minute Workout for Moms

Busy moms face this question quite often as they find it hard to squeeze some time out of their grueling daily schedules and do exercise. For them, it becomes extremely tough to manage the family, take care of kid’s needs and keep themselves fit at the same time.

For moms, the 7-minute workouts are nothing less than a magic as they can be fitted into the schedule with utmost ease. These workouts are shorter and more intense and can help moms stay fit even without spending that much time on a daily basis.

What is the 7-minute workout?

Health experts have long recommended adults to do 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of intense one on a weekly basis, together with twice-a-week muscles- strengthening exercises, involving two types of exercises, strength training, and cardio. The kind of length recommended has never been favorable to people with busy schedules or lacking time, especially busy moms?

This is where the seven-minute exercise regimen helps, which is recommended by researchers from the Human Performance Institute in Orlando, Fla. The new workout plan combines both types of exercises and encourages usage of body weight to get resistance. This new plan has a total of 12 workouts where each is done for 30 seconds, and a 10-second rest follows before moving on to the next one.

The Benefits of the 7-Minute Workout for Moms

Yes, high-intensity circuit training (HICT) brings a variety of health and weight loss benefits. The best part of about these workouts, they don’t require any special tool and need only seven minutes to get finished. So, moms can do these single-circuit workouts that combine aerobic and resistance-training exercises together.

Let’s look at the benefits of the 7-minute workout for moms:

Time savings

The first major advantage of the seven-minute workout is obviously time-saving. Being of shorter duration, the workout does not need moms to take a lot of time out of their hectic daily routine. Even if one repeats the circuit twice or thrice, the time thus spent will not match the earlier level.

The Benefits of the 7-Minute Workout for Moms

They can do it anywhere

Yes, moms can do these exercises anywhere. They don’t have to find any specific place or special tool to get going. This kind of flexibility helps a lot to those who are burdened by the lack of time.

The Benefits of the 7-Minute Workout for Moms

Weight loss

The fat burning speed can go up a great deal when cardio and resistance training is combined together. This is why the 7-minute workout helps moms a lot in weight loss. The best part, it helps one continue burning calories even once the workout is over. After all, the workout gives a big fillip to metabolism and keeps it active for at least three days.

The Benefits of the 7-Minute Workout for Moms

Increase in VO2 max

The seven-minute workout is great for endurance as it helps increase VO2 max. It means it lets the body use more amount of oxygen than it earlier did. This clearly shows that moms will gain as much as they did by longer and more intense workouts.


One of the biggest benefits of a 7-minute workout is that it’s doable. It does not ask one to skip any chores or activities neither miss anything from the busy life. After all, it will be easier for anyone to take out some 7 (or 14 or 21 minutes) daily than visiting a gym.

The Benefits of the 7-Minute Workout for Moms


In a nutshell, the seven-minute workout is nothing less than a boon to moms. It couldn’t have come at a better time as it frees them from the burden of visiting gyms when other pressing needs are there to attend.

Author: Akshay Sharma

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