2016 Trends Every Breastfeeding Mum Should Know

As with many other things in this world of ours, the way we do motherhood has evolved over the years. While the basics are the same — giving your baby priority, hygiene and a slew of other points our mothers remind us of every other day — other things are new.


In 2016, motherhood seems to have become more than just a time for a mother to turn into a recluse and simply bond with her baby as we are witnessing mothers taking a stand, taking advantage of the time they spend at home with their baby to monetize this new phase in their life and a couple of other things.

You may be intrigued and want to give some of these new trends a try and you may find yourself saying absolutely no to others. Whatever your opinions on these new trends are, make sure to read through the list and tell us which ones you would totally try.

Unique Names

You could call it the celebrity baby boom effect — however you define it, what is for sure is that more parents are giving their newborn unique names. From name combos, where they mesh two names together to calling their newborn babies after stars, saints, chocolate and things, the generation to come is sure to make us take a step back whenever they introduce themselves to us.


Breastfeeding in tandem

Women can go both ways with breastfeeding. Some hate it and go straight to the bottle while others absolutely love every second of it. For those who side with the latter, breastfeeding in 2016 is being taken to another level as more women are embracing the idea of breastfeeding in tandem which means that they breastfeed their newborn and their toddler.


Hiring help

Nannies and baby nurses were only considered by the privileged till a couple of years ago but in 2016, more women are turning to hired help to help them with everything they need. From baby nurses to help with the night routine to nannies, more women are finding it normal to turn to professionals to take care of their babies so their days can feel less erratic.

Blogging about motherhood

Having a newborn and taking time off from work is what most women have done for many years but in 2016, more women are taking advantage of this phase in their life and blogging about this experience. Building a community and convincing your readers to follow your blog religiously by creating amazing content can lead to you being able to monetize your blog which means you can spend more time with your children while still earning a living.


Breastfeeding as a social stand

Another trend revolving around breastfeeding in 2016 has sprung out of this movement of women who are sharing photos of themselves on social media breastfeeding their newborns and taking a stand against those who argue that this should be done in private. The comments and shares — sometimes becoming viral posts — all prove that breastfeeding in 2016 is still a taboo subject for many people around the world.


Author Bio: Kate Sicangco is a fashion writer, who empowers women through her writing and practical fashion tips.

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