9 Trendy Coats you Need to Try This Fall-Winter Season

Women’s coats are stylish and practical and they look great on women of all ages. Coats are a kind of garment found in the wardrobe of every fashionista for dealing with the cold season. Trends related to all sorts of clothing come and vanish to never come back but modern coat designers have done a good job to keep some great coats on trend this season. You simply need to hit your local stores and you will see a plenty of new and off-beat women coat designs. Let’s see some of the latest coat trends for fall 2016-2017 in women’s fashion world.

1. Long Wool Duffle Coats

Gone are the days when duffle coats could only be fitted with an oblong clasp. Kudos to the progressive approach of modern fashion designers for coming up with a totally different design for duffle coats. Now they hit your local stores with shortened hem, asymmetrical cut, decoration with current prints and colors, inserted pockets and removed checkered lining. One important thing that has certainly not changed is their big wooden fastening with ropes.
9 Trendy Coats you Need to Try Out This Season 2016-17

2. Sleeveless Coats

You have a plenty of reasons to fall in love with sleeveless coats but every fashion freak female must give herself a chance to decide the kind of sleeveless coats that fit her body and style statement in the best possible manner. They were highlighted at many ramps during the fashion shows conducted worldwide for winter season 2016. With such sleeveless coats in your wardrobe, you have got a good chance to add to your boldness.
9 Trendy Coats you Need to Try Out This Season 2016-17

3. Oversized coats

Oversized coats are one of the best ways for you to exuberate your sex appeal. Moreover, they can be very handy under extremely cold circumstances because they cover a large portion of your body. What actually makes oversized coats favorite of many women is that they are acceptable at their workplaces.

9 Trendy Coats you Need to Try Out This Season 2016-17

4. Military Coats

You talk about sex appeal, military coats add to it like no other winter clothing does. More importantly, they exuberate it in a very decent style. It is not something that leaves its peak position. You should not hide them in your wardrobe. Instead, wearing some trendy sports shoes, pants, dresses and accessories will take the aura of your physical personality to the next level of sexiness and boldness.
9 Trendy Coats you Need to Try Out This Season 2016-17

5. Collar Boas and Fur Sleeves

Gone are the days when the presence of boas and fur used to be found on the collars of women coats. With the progressive approach of the fashion industry, usage of fur has changed entirely. Modern females love to experiment in this regard. You should try some new coats with collars and boas and fur sleeves on hems, pockets, waist or any other part of the coat you choose to buy.
9 Trendy Coats you Need to Try Out This Season 2016-17

6. Bulky Quilted Coats

Bulky and quilted coats are selling like a hot in the modern women’s fashion street. They are the result of innovation thought and designed to perfection. This fashionable clothing is certainly making its presence felt in the female fashion street very strongly. You just need to wear them once and you will be the talk of the town. More importantly, they are very much capable of protecting your body against any natural freak. Some of the designs look like a thick blanket whereas some of them look as if you are wearing a lightweight jacket and coat. Putting on your swanky shoes and gloves and some gold will certainly make you feel like the most important person in yourself. They are easy to carry and zip, if needed.

9 Trendy Coats you Need to Try Out This Season 2016-17

7. Fur Coats

Women just can’t stop their love for fur coats. You have got every right to wear it and exuberate the real ultra-modern sexy lady hidden inside of you. These fur coats manufactured using truly natural fur are now an integral part of every fashionista’s wardrobe. They are great protection for your body from the outside cold. Putting on these swanky fur coats is your opportunity to highlight the sophisticated part of your character and feel on cloud nine. They are available in every color of your choice in the market. Wear them with your denim jeans, formal pants or skirts and you will simply look stunning. Your stylish pair of ankle boots and a new hairdo will make you look simply stunning.
9 Trendy Coats you Need to Try Out This Season 2016-17

8. Sheepskin and Karakul Coats

The list of the best women coats for winter 2016 is incomplete without mentioning sheepskin and karakul coats. They are natural in look. They are very expensive. Most importantly, they are completely original in look and they come in various colors. Wear your favorite colored scarf, pair of shoes and a little of bit jewelry and you are all set to rule million hearts. Your true sexy look will surely be on display in its best form as you can wear belts with them around your waist. Your new hairdo will add a pinch of much needed killing attitude to your look.
9 Trendy Coats you Need to Try Out This Season 2016-17

9. Decorative Elements

Embrace decorative elements on coats to bright up your winter look. The trend of decorative coats is once again leading the world of female fashion like other winter clothing. Kudos to creative designers for coming up with such unique design ideas with applied colors, decorative seems, frills, feathers and perfect application of squares. Multicolored embroidery in bright shades is one of the most visual and beautiful features of these coats. Such innovative thinking of designers make these coats stand out in the crowd. The best about these coats is that they can be worn even at work places and they make you look decent. Wearing accessories like gloves, a scarf, a muffler and a bit of jewelry will set the stage on fire.
9 Trendy Coats you Need to Try Out This Season 2016-17


Instead of sticking to your old coats, you must update your wardrobe with these 9 types of trendy coats. These coats will perfectly protect your body from inclement weather during this winter season. Most importantly, they will exuberate the sex appeal of your personality boldly like never before.

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