Sweater And Dress – Perfect Pair For Early Autumn

In the first weeks of autumn while the weather is still warmish, you can play and combine summer and fall pieces and make extraordinary styles. Usually at this time of year the weather is sunny in the morning, rainy or cloudy during the day and windy at night. That’s why this combination of summer and autumn pieces is recommended. Not just for your look, but from practical reasons as well.

This season the perfect fashion combination is warm sweater and summer dress. This combination is practical and chick at the same time, because your options are limitless. You can combine any kind of sweater with any kind of dress and still look awesome in every combination.

For inspiration we gathered few sweater and dress combinations, just for you. Take a look!

Author: Viktor Milevski

Perfectionist by nature, big enthusiast, great chef, blogger and a beer lover…

  • TheQueen

    OMG isn’t this the cutest fall combination? Sexy summer dress and warm, soft sweater is the winning fall fashion combination for me. Have you tried it? I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I did. What do you want me to blog next?