The Summer 16’ Jewellery Must Have’s

Finding the perfect jewellery pieces can be tricky as there really is so much to choose from. With so many intricate styles, it is difficult to know where to begin and once more, it is even harder to find pieces that everyone doesn’t already have.

Accessories are the perfect way to show your style, status and personality stating who you are and what you’re made of, all without even having to say anything. When mixed and matched with the right clothes and colours, your jewellery additions can define your outfit, making you look even better! With summer now underway it’s time to treat yourself so put away those worn winter pieces and invest in these must have’s!The Summer 2016 Must-Have Jewelry Trends

Showstopper Earrings

Every girl cannot resist an elegant pair of earrings. A subtle but standout addition to your outfit, they help compliment your colour palette unlike any other piece of jewellery can. Show stopping earrings can help elevate your appearance, making you feel just as good as you look. Adding glimmering beauty to your ears, this summer opt for some sexy studded earrings. On trend for the summer nights ahead, they offer a versatile option that despite being minimalistic, gives you an effortless beauty.

For those too hot to handle days where you want to tie your hair up, show off your accessories in style. The brands you need to be on the look out for – earrings wise – away from the mainstream high street names are Theo Fennell and Tresor Paris. Their new ranges are magnificent with the new ‘Palm’ and ‘Twelve’ offering that standout quality that you need to get on board with!

The Summer 2016 Must-Have Jewelry Trends

Bling Things Up with Rings

An essential summer accessory, don’t forget to treat yourself to a new ring. A pinnacle piece in any ladies’ jewellery box, a ring is typically the piece that draws the most attention. What is seen time and time again is the fact that women overlook their rings. They’ll spend hundreds of dollars on clothes but overlook spending a little bit extra on rings. Clothes come and go but a good ring lasts for lifetimes so it makes sense to invest a little bit more in them.

With various metals to choose from, not to mention the variety in style including vintage, diamond and stackable, you have a lot of options to wow the eyes in the room. You should look to experiment and find a ring that will suit the majority of your summer wardrobe. With hundreds of stockists to choose from it can be hard to find who to go to. You don’t really want to be wearing the same Topshop ring everybody has on so look to brands such as Diamonds of Choice or Ted Baker where you can find one with an edge of sophistication.The Summer 2016 Must-Have Jewelry Trends

The Dainty Necklace

When it comes to adding a bit of glamour, every girl must own a dainty necklace. Excellent for everyday use, if you’re spending a day or evening out socialising with friends this is your pick. A delicate dainty necklace is a terrific little treat that goes great with that baggy tee, tank tops and open shirt look that are synonymous with summer looks. Here you can go a little bit more high-street as chances are there will be additions that exactly match the clothing you purchase from the stores. Brands like River Island and Miss Selfridge are specialists when it comes to these collections. Don’t go for the cheap and cheerful option but when it comes to dainty picks, you don’t have to spend mass amounts to get the stunning piece you need.The Summer 2016 Must-Have Jewelry Trends

Statement Sunglasses

It isn’t summer without those statement sunglasses. Clearly a given, you cannot leave the house without strutting a pair of sunglasses. Whether you decide on some Ray Bans for that classic but contemporary look or go big and opt for the Prada’s and Chanel’s of the world, no outfit will look complete without a pair. Round frames are really in at the moment and it’s about pushing the boundaries so don’t shy away from those vibrant colours. As it’s festival season, sunglasses are more important than any other item you’ll wear. They add a cool, calm and collected combination to any outfit you wear and they seamlessly make that strong statement to onlookers in the crowd.The Summer 2016 Must-Have Jewelry Trends

This summer is simply about making an announcement with your accessories, ensuring that whatever you do or wear, you’re looking amazing! The key is always in those intricate little details so don’t overlook the cute pieces that could make or break your look!

Author: Roman Winter

Roman is an aspiring freelance writer with a love for fashion, food and travel. He has written for several different publication and wants to share his knowledge through his writing. Roman has seen his work placed on MNSWR, Grooming Mail and many different publications.