Perfect Gifts for Fashionistas

Buying a gift for people who pay a great deal of attention to fashion is not the easiest of tasks. Still, fashionistas are very open with their style, and freely express their preferences in their appearance and conversation, which can make things a lot more manageable. The important thing is to listen and check out what their style is and set on a gift search with that particular mindset, even if you don’t personally prefer their style. After all, it is all about the receiver and not the giver.

Perfect Gifts for Fashionistas

Clothing bits and pieces

Fashionistas enjoy shopping and getting clothes as a gift can make them really happy. It wouldn’t be too difficult to find out from shopping lovers what stores are their favorite, which can minimize your options quite practically. Also, the clothes have to resemble something they would love to wear, but luckily, you’re probably already familiar with their interesting combinations and outfits as well as the colors and patterns they usually go for.

Stylish accessories

Buying an accessory as a gift may actually be the easiest way to conquer the battle of getting the right gift for a fashionista. Designer bags are definitely a great choice when it comes to accessories and store staff can help you a great deal in picking the right one. Also, a shawl or a scarf can also turn out to be a well-thought gift. In this case, focus on the quality of material and go for single, yet bold color. That way it would be much easier for someone to combine this accessory while its striking color will still make the outfit more stylish and fashionable.

Perfect Gifts for Fashionistas


If you wish to get someone who’s into fashion some effective jewelry, you definitely have to spend a bit more of your time in checking what kind of jewelry the fashionista actually wears. Some people love necklaces but dislike bracelets and so on. Also, the style of the jewelry is very important. Pay attention to whether they like a statement or simple and elegant pieces. It would be wise to avoid buying rings since you can easily get the wrong size.


A nice and invigorating scent can really put a smile on someone’s face. It would be fairly easy to get information on fashionista’s favorite scents and perfumes. Simply start the conversation about your favorite ones and ask them to join you in sharing the opinions. That way you will know what scents to look for when you get to the shop.

Perfect Gifts for Fashionistas

Interesting home décor

True fashionistas are thorough in their style when it comes to their home interior as well, and not only their appearance. Therefore, their designer or designer-inspired interior would definitely be a good starting point for choosing a gift. For example, quirky homeware gifts can find their right place in the home décor of a creative fashionista, as well as make them even happier than any other gift since your knowledge of their personality will definitely be appreciated.

Fashionable tech

Not all fashionistas are interested in technology, but they are most definitely interested in their phones. With this in mind, getting a portable charger that can fit into the bag’s inner pocket can be a safe bet when buying a gift. If they’re music lovers, and their style is slightly extravagant, you can also find jazzed up headphones that would suit them.

Perfect Gifts for Fashionistas

When buying a gift for someone, try to see this as an opportunity to get to know someone better and enjoy the time and effort you put in finding out the details of their style. Fashionistas know that they can be demanding in their choices, and often don’t expect anything too personal as a gift. Therefore, when you present them with something they absolutely love, you can only make their day a lot better.

Author: Peter Minkoff

Peter is an editor at HighStyleLife magazine in Brisbane, Australia. After graduating from Australian Institute of Creative Design, he worked as a stylist for few fashion events in around AUS and UK. Beside fashion, he loves reading, making DIY cosmetics, redesign furniture and to travel around tropical destinations. He plans to create a fashion business for style advising.