6 Must-Have Accessories Every Fashionista Should Own in 2017

Every year the vicious fashion circle comes around almost naturally. Do you wish to get the best ride on the fashion roller coaster? If yes, knowing the latest trends that would take the fashion world in 2017 completely is a good way to start. The accessory trends are full of crazy ups and downs resulting in fascinating you with the idea of trying different looks.

5 Must-Have Accessories Every Fashionista Should Own in 2017

In case you have a keen eye on the fashion fluctuation, it’s crystal clear that the eighties, as well as nineties, are on back again in an extravagant way. So trip down your memory lane and get back the bulky jewelry, high waist denim, slip dresses, stone studded neckpieces, scarf, etc. It’s not only the attires that play a prominent role when you talk about changing fashion trends, as accessories are equally the part of styling.

The idea of a plain or simple dress with no offbeat or funky accessories has gone outdated a long time back. So when you get dressed up for a party, doesn’t miss out to look for trendy jewelry to step out like a diva. Find the best accessory and flaunt it with confidence!

Let’s dig into the accessorized part to dress with right fashion sense.

1. Chokers are quite in

The choker mania kick-started in the early summer 2014 season, and it seems that it will be staying for 2017 as well. How could this be said with so much of confidence? The answer to this is really simple, the market is flooded with chokers and fashion lovers are crazy about them. Be it supermodels or celebrities, all have been in the grip of choker fever. This would be just increasing by 2017.

5 Must-Have Accessories Every Fashionista Should Own in 2017

2. Ear Cuffs or Multiple Piercings

With a statement that the 90’s are coming back, pop-punk ear cuffs are definitely on the list. There are end numbers of designs displayed on the runway this year, it’s easy to pick one according to your taste and personality. Feel like you have traveled in the 90’s and display your best side with the right fashion. Pick wisely!
5 Must-Have Accessories Every Fashionista Should Own in 20175 Must-Have Accessories Every Fashionista Should Own in 2017

3. Colors are back

2017 will be a year with vibrant and loud colors outfits. Metallic look, striking prints, popping colors would be a big this coming year. So, you can play with them as much as you want. Must have colorful accessories, be it neckpiece or any other jewelry.

5 Must-Have Accessories Every Fashionista Should Own in 2017

4. Raw Stone – Sure shot hit

This is one of the most unexpected fashion trends that pop out this season and would continue to the next year. Trying out a raw stone pendant or earning with different shades can help you play safe and look stylish at the same time.

5 Must-Have Accessories Every Fashionista Should Own in 2017

5. Twin Bracelets

The motive behind wearing two alike or distinct bracelets on a single hand is not clear, but it has turned out to be quite popular among people who love to dress in a little offbeat manner. Be it a man or woman this trend is a big hit for both.

6. Watch – bulky dial

When you talk about the accessories, it’s impossible to miss watches. Bulky watches with massive dials are something has created a lot of buzzes and this trend seems not getting outdated soon. You can even experiment with colored dials and strap to add a more hip element to your look. For a classy one, you must seek watches with top quality. WatchesbyJames reviews are the best and you can read them before buying a luxury watch.


It turns out, the focus in 2017 accessories trends is shifted to popular trends of 90’s, so just get out your old stuff and wears it with a modern approach. Just be creative and experimental with things. Embrace your inner beauty and style with confidence!

Author: Thomas Eliot

Thomas Eliot is a fashion traveler who likes to write and eat great food. Each month, he is traveling to a different country and has friends from everywhere around the globe. He has been featured in magazines and influencer blogs and has been writing for 2 years now.