Life hack: How to extend the durability of your tights

All women have problems when it comes to tights. Even if you buy an expensive pair, the chances that you will wear them only few times are very high. There are few tricks how to extend the durability of your tights, but this life hack is definitely one of the best and it works perfectly.

Life hack: How to extend the durability of your tights

It doesn’t require some special products or anything that you already don’t have at home. All you need is a bit of water, a plastic bag and insignificant space in your kitchen freezer.

Follow this few steps and enjoy wearing your favourite tights longer:

  1. After unpacking the tights run them under water shortly and squeeze them nicely afterwards.
  2. Then put them in a small plastic bag and leave the bag in the freezer overnight or at least 12 hours.
  3. Let them dry on a room temperature and then you are done!

You should immediately feel how more resistant they are. Remember – you can try this trick on your pair of tights only once! If you want to try it, buy a cheap pair of tights just for testing and you will see the results straight away.

If you tried this trick, please let us know if you got the same results as us!

Author: Viktor Milevski

Perfectionist by nature, big enthusiast, great chef, blogger and a beer lover…