What Kind of Jewelry you Should Wear with a Red Dress?

The famous song by Chris De Burgh, ‘Lady in Red’ couldn’t have said it better. A red dress makes you stand out in a crowd. It is one of the staples of any wardrobe, and you must own a red dress. The moment you step out of your house, what you wear and how you carry yourself, reflects your personality. When you wear red, you exude confidence, vitality, and passion. The color red conveys strength, power, and energy. It is one of those colors that work well on almost anybody, day or evening. This color provides a stunning background to showcase your personal style. From your shoes to your jewelry, there are limitless possibilities. Choosing the right jewelry to compliment this warm color depends entirely on you. Let’s have a look at some of the favorite color pallets to compliment your red dress.

What Kind of Jewelry you Should Wear with a Red Dress

Yellow Gold Jewelry

One of the most commonly paired jewelry with a red dress is yellow gold. Both red and gold are warm colors and exude an attractive look when put together. Gold jewelry always looks natural and classic with red. Gold jewelry set with stones, preferably red stones like rubies, further enhances the beauty of your dress.

What Kind of Jewelry you Should Wear with a Red Dress

However, since too much red can be overwhelming at times, make sure that the studded gold jewelry you wear does not overlap with your dress. Think long dangly necklaces and earrings that may brush your dress and blend in. The jewelry you wear must stand out and be admired for its beauty.

What Kind of Jewelry you Should Wear with a Red Dress

White Gold/ Platinum Jewelry

On one end of the spectrum, we have gold paired with red to exude a warm look and at the other end of the spectrum; we have white gold or platinum paired with red. The crisp and polished look of white gold gives a cooler look to the warm hues of red color. It gives an exciting high-contrast look to your red dress.

This combination is not as overwhelming as red and gold; however, this pairing can give a playful look to your outfit. It adds a certain touch of pizzazz and elegance. Just like with gold jewelry, if you are wearing red stones with white gold, do not let your jewelry blend in with your dress. Dressed in a statement bracelet or a choker can make your dress outstanding on its own.



When it comes to selecting gemstone-studded jewelry, there is a lot to choose from, and it can be a formidable task. Let’s take a look at some of the favorite gemstones.

  • Diamonds, whether set in gold or platinum, always look classy and elegant. The clarity and sparkle tones of them down the red simultaneously complimenting it. Diamonds can give a casual look to your outfit if worn as a solitaire or they can give a formal look to your outfit if worn as a cluster.
  • Pearls are a classic, and they go well with almost any color. They give a regal touch to your outfit and are perfect to wear for a formal evening out.
  • Onyx brings out the drama and flair from your red dress. It stands out on its own and perfectly complements the red, warm hues of your dress.


  • Rubies, classically set in gold, add to the warmth of your red dress. However, when wearing rubies, make sure not to wear chunky jewelry and restrict it to just one or two pieces. Too many red accessories can confuse the eye and defy the purpose of wearing the jewelry.

What Kind of Jewelry you Should Wear with a Red Dress

What to Choose and Wear?

The type of jewelry you choose and wear depends on a lot of the particular shade of red you are wearing and the place you are going to. For formal events, diamonds and pearls always work. Gold jewelry with a red dress suits almost everyone as it makes your skin glow, however, silver jewelry with a red dress works well on pale skin. That said, red is a versatile color and how you pair it, depends entirely on you.

Your accessories not only enhance the beauty of your dress but say a lot about you as well. We hope that with a few of our basics, you will be able to choose the best jewelry-red dress combination for yourself.

What Kind of Jewelry you Should Wear with a Red Dress

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