Ditch Tech and Invest in Vintage Watch Restoration

The millennial woman is surrounded by technology. From iPhones to Fitbits, it can be hard to switch off from our digitally controlled lives. In recent years, smart watches have been a popular choice for both men and women, but like most fashion phases sales are already dropping. Investing in a vintage timepiece that can be restored and worn endlessly, means that you can kiss tacky watch trends goodbye.

There are a number of things you should consider before buying a vintage watch and if you already own a vintage timepiece there can be certain services which can be completed on your watch. Here is the information you need to know before investing in your vintage watch.

Ditch Tech and Invest in Vintage Watch Restoration

Mechanical Watches For Females

Wrist watches for women have always been a symbol of wealth and style. A stylish woman knows that an attractive timepiece is a must-have addition to any outfit.

Whether you wear a watch day-to-day or enjoy wearing a statement piece as evening wear, a timepiece can be worn for years on end without you getting sick of it.

Ditch Tech and Invest in Vintage Watch Restoration

It is true that since the beginning of their invention, women have long driven the production and design of watches. In fact, the first wristwatch was crafted for Caroline Murat who at the time was the Queen of Naples.

Women love both the style and innovation of watches. An expensive piece of jewelry is often bought or given to mark a special time in the owner’s life.  A mechanical watch makes such a great gift as it can be kept and treasured, something a smart watch cannot offer a jewelry enthusiast.

Technology vs Vintage Timepieces

If you are investing in a new timepiece, then old is gold. Horology experts agree that vintage watches remain to be one of the strongest valued markets for today’s collectors.

Do you have a watch that has been passed down to you as a family air loom, if yours is lying in a drawer broken, that could be money going to waste? By sending your watch to vintage watch restoration service, they will be able to give it a second chance at life.

Ditch Tech and Invest in Vintage Watch Restoration

What Is Vintage Watch Restoration?

There are a number of things a watch mender can do to get your timepiece back up to speed. A professional watch repair service will be able to pinpoint exactly, what has slowed your watch down, no matter what the brand is. Here are some examples of vintage watch repairs.

Watch Crown Replacement

First of all, if your vintage watch’s crown is missing, do not wear it before it is fixed. These days it is relatively easy to find brand new, vintage period spare crowns online, however, the vintage watch repair process can be tricky and it is advised that you send your timepiece to a vintage watch repair specialist.

Ditch Tech and Invest in Vintage Watch Restoration

Watch Glass Face Replacement

The mass market smart watch world cannot compete with the unique story that aware vintage watch tells. If you are buying a vintage piece with a badly damaged glass face, remember it can be easily replaced.

If you have a vintage watch at home that is damaged, the glass can be replaced to protect the interior of the mechanisms of your watch. By sending your watch away for restoration it will increase the value of your antique watch.

Ditch Tech and Invest in Vintage Watch Restoration

Vintage Watch Movement

Vintage watches are often usually stunning. If your vintage timepiece is still in great working order, send it away for a cleaning. A vintage watch has to be maintained and by sending it for a fully mechanical watch service, then the whole movement will be cleaned.

The Best Vintage Watch Brands For Females

If you are not yet the owner of a vintage watch then they can be easily sourced online or from independent jewelers. Much like modern watches the price of your vintage watch will depend on the watch brand.

“A great watch is like a museum piece, but this is a work of art you can actually wear”

This was said by Edward Faber who owns Manhattan’s Aaron Faber Gallery. Faber is a watch collector and recommends Cartier‘s asymmetrical Tank an18-karat gold which is estimated to price from $16,500. These pieces are particularly inspiring for watch collectors as it was designed to symbolize Salvador Dali’s melting clocks.

Of course, there are brands such as Omega and Bulova who have great vintage pieces on the market, at a lower price than Rolexes and Cartier watches.

Faber recommends Bulovas copper-colour curvex at the more affordable price of $595. This watch curls around the wrist and is a beautiful statement piece in 1940s Retro style. Bulova may be a more common brand, however, their watches are often styled beautifully.

Keep in mind that a vintage watch, like any type of antique jewelry, will need regular care. Those who invest in a vintage timepiece should understand how delicate they can be. Unlike a tech watch, a vintage piece can be cared for and passed down as an air loom.

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Author bio: Melissa Lang is 22-year-old style and accessories blogger from Glasgow, Scotland. Melissa Lang currently works for the watch repair brand Repairs By Post.

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