How to Make Your Own Sports Bra

People’s creativity has no limits. This video is another proof of that. It is created by Likemag Espanol, a YouTube channel where you can find few interesting tutorials that can be really helpful.

Great toutorial for making your own sports bra

In this video tutorial they are presenting a great DIY project, in which they are making a sports bra out of an old pair of underpants. For this project you will only need an old pair of underpants and scissors. Of course this will come in handy as a temporary solution until you get your new sports bra, because you can’t rely on the durability of this one. But still it’s a great project that can come in handy in critical times.

Check out the video and if you have time check their YouTube channel as well, because you will find other interesting videos there. Have a great day!

Author: Viktor Milevski

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  • Viktor

    Well that is very fun and easy DIY project, isn’t it? Will you dare to try it? You just need a pair of underpants and scissors… Please share your experiences with this DIY project with me. I hope it is going to be a successful one. 😀