5 Essential Accessories Every Fashionable Woman Should Have

It is universal knowledge that a woman’s ensemble is an insight to her personality, but what gives her clothes character are the essential accessories she chooses to complement it with. A full outfit without accessories is like a Christmas tree that is unadorned: dull and boring to look at.

“For me, the key to personal style lies in accessories. I love objects from different worlds, different eras, combined my way.” – Iris Apfel

Your garments would need the finishing touch of some essential accessories in order to bring them to their maximum potential, so it is imperative that you at least possess the most basic and essential of women’s accessories. Take a quick gander at your closet and see if you already have them. After all, as Michael Kors famously said, “Accessories are the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit” and as with vitamins, apply accessories liberally as you see fit whether they may be retail or wholesale clothing.

1. Statement Piece

Essential Accessories Every Fashionable Woman Should Have

The statement piece may be an ambiguous term, but once you come upon it, you would immediately know what it is. It is the type of jewelry that beckons attention and would be considered “high-fashion” upon sight. These are the bold pieces that would command an outfit; they are glamorous and earthy but not in any way gaudy. These are the pieces that would need very little regarding support. They come in various forms: bracelets, necklaces, cocktail rings—the important thing is that it looks best as the center of attention.

2. The Bold Bag

Essential Accessories Every Fashionable Woman Should Have

The power of a bright bag is limitless. It is not only a versatile accessory to keep some of your essential belongings, but more often than not, it is the finishing touch that holds an ensemble together. Invest in a bold bag that functions as an accessory as well and see how it would significantly enhance your overall look.

3. Stylish Scarf

Essential Accessories Every Fashionable Woman Should Have

Perfect for the colder seasons and as a complement to your favorite trench coat. Make a fashionable silk scarf with bold and colorful prints be the dominant piece of a subdued outfit and let it bring your ensemble out. Do not settle for just a single scarf, invest in as many as you can and diversify whenever you can and whenever appropriate.

4. A Great Hat

Essential Accessories Every Fashionable Woman Should Have

Hats can do other excellent things other than shielding your face from the harsh sunlight. In fact, depending on the style you get, you can aim for a look that is either mysterious, coquettish, sexy or even playful. Wearing a hat immediately makes you stand out owing to the fact that not all women are receptive to wearing one. It may not exactly be at the top of every woman’s list of essential accessories, but it is certainly a useful and fashionable accessory for when you need to hide frizzy hair on a bad hair day.

5. The Ultimate Pair of Shoes

Essential Accessories Every Fashionable Woman Should Have

Every self-respecting fashionista would know what the ultimate pair of shoes is. The style is different for everyone (it may be boots, pumps, statement heels, playful sneakers, etc.) but it does have that unique and subtle power of making the woman wearing them feel more confident. Additionally, though it may be hardly considered as an accessory, shoes would often take center stage of an outfit and would be the finishing touch to bring an outfit together. For this reason, every woman of every age should have that one pair of shoes that looks great no matter what she would pair it with.

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