13 Wedding Day Beauty Must Haves

You may not believe that your wedding should be the absolute happiest day of your life but it’s still one of the most important and you want to be beautiful on your big day. Getting a professional to do your makeup before the wedding ceremony is important but every bride should also have an extensive touch-up kit to make sure they look as great at the end of the day as they did at the beginning.

Wedding day beauty tips: how to look & feel stunning

Add these items to your wedding day beauty kit for the big day:

Lip balm

Dry, cracked lips will ruin even the best lipstick and nobody wants to have puckered lips on their big day. Every time you do your lipstick you should put on a thin layer of lip balm first to keep your lips healthy.


Even the most high-quality lipstick will need touch ups after enough glasses of wine. Make sure you have the exact shade your makeup artist used.

Lip brush

Your makeup artist will probably give you a couple disposable lip wands but a lip brush is much easier to use and makes a great permanent addition to your makeup kit.

Blotter papers

Blotter papers are perfect for quick shine touch ups at any point during the wedding day. They’re easy to use and small enough to be discreet no matter where you are.

Lighted mirror

There’s going to be times throughout your special day where you, or your bridal party, need to do a quick makeup touch up if the light is dim, or perhaps it’s an overcast day, a small handheld lighted mirror is perfect for the job. The best part is, the majority of lighted makeup mirrors are small and very affordable.

Translucent powder

A nice layer of translucent powder is a great way to set your foundation and do small touch ups and it goes with every skin tone.

Setting spray

Setting spray helps your makeup settle properly on your face and stay there throughout the whole day. You should spray a light coat over your face when your makeup artist is done and again after doing any major touch ups.


Weddings tend to come with lots of tears so it’s important to have high-quality eyeliner in the same shade your makeup artist used on hand.

Lash glue

Tears can also do a lot of damage to the glue holding on fake lashes, so if fake lashes are part of your look you need to have some quality glue on hand to keep them in place.


If blush is part of your look you should have a small amount of the exact same blush your makeup artist used on hand.

Makeup sponges

There’s no point having all the right makeup on hand if you don’t have anything to put it on with! Go for high-quality reusable makeup sponges for the best effect.

Pencil sharpener

Using traditional pencil eyeliner or carrying a lip liner pencil with you? Keep a pencil sharpener on hand to sharpen your eyeliner or lip liner so you don’t have to worry about them growing dull or breaking midway through the day.

Makeup remover wipes

Going straight to a hotel or honeymoon? Don’t want to keep your makeup on all the way through the reception? You’ll be grateful that you have these wipes on hand when the time comes.

Author: Holly Nunan

I am a mother of three daughters aged four, six and eight. I write about anything related to exercise and fitness, raising healthy children, home remedies, along with “fitting it all in” as a busy mom.