7 Skin Care Tips for Changing Seasons

Finding a perfect skin care routine is a dream come true for most women. Even if you’ve found one, chances are, it will not work for you all year round.  Once the autumn comes, the temperatures will fall and humidity will increase, so your skin will need a little in adapting to the weather conditions. Don’t worry, you won’t have to start building your beauty arsenal from scratch – you’ll just need to make a few updates here and there.

7 Skin Care Tips for Changing Seasons

Here are a few tips to help you on the way.

Skin care tip #1: never forget the SPF

Let’s start with something you shouldn’t change – using skincare product with SPF. Yes, you probably won’t get sunburns from autumn and winter sun, but that doesn’t mean the harmful UV rays aren’t there. Not only does it help prevent skin cancer and age spots, sunscreen can slow down premature aging. You can always opt for a multipurpose product that has SPF in it and use it as a daily base for your makeup.

7 Skin Care Tips for Changing Seasons

Skin care tip #2: avoid hot showers

Craving for long, hot showers on those cold autumn or winter mornings is not unheard of; however, be aware that’s not the best choice for your skin. Too much time in the shower or hot water may strip away the natural oils your skin normally produces and leave it dry and flaky. Keep it quick and lukewarm and your skin will be thankful.

Skin care tip #3: reconsider your face wash

In order to prepare your skin and complexion for cooler and drier conditions, you should consider swapping the traditional face wash with a cleansing oil. It will help you hydrate better and protect your skin from becoming dry. If oils are not for you, you can always go for a high-quality natural face wash which is packed with fresh, nourishing ingredients that won’t strip too much of your skin’s natural moisture.

7 Skin Care Tips for Changing Seasons

Skin care tip #4: moisturize heavier

Cold air and central heating might become your skin’s worst enemies if you don’t invest in a good moisturizer. Save the light versions for summer months when you sweat a lot and get the right thing for you autumn skin care routine. For best results, use it at night – your skin will get warmer and absorb the moisturizer better.

7 Skin Care Tips for Changing Seasons

Skin care tip #5: choose the face mask smartly

Clay based masks are great for soaking up all traces of dirt and grease from your face but they can easily draw out too much moisture from your skin and leave it dry. This is something your skin definitively doesn’t need with all that dryness in the air so that’s why deeply hydrating formulas might be a better option for the upcoming months.

Skin care tip #6: nurture your hands

Your hands suffer significantly during the cold months. Since they’re frequently exposed to harsh conditions, you’ll need heavy ammo to keep them smooth and hydrated. When shopping for hand cream, check out the ingredients – look for antioxidants such as grapeseed oil, and natural butter and oils to seal the nourishing ingredients into your skin.

7 Skin Care Tips for Changing Seasons

Skin care tip #7: take good care of your lips

The only source of moisture your lips have is saliva so it’s no wonder they get chapped easily. Add cold air and harsh winds to the equation and you’ll understand why lips need your full attention during autumn and winter. Besides, lips don’t contain any melanin – body’s natural way of protecting your skin from UV rays. Therefore, an SPF is a must in your lip balm’s ingredients list.

7 Skin Care Tips for Changing Seasons

In conclusion, moisturizing should be your number one priority during those cold months. Take good care of your face, hands, hair and lips and not only your skin will look amazing in the winter, you’ll also prep it for the spring season perfectly.

Author: Arron Hiddleston

Arron is a self-employed life coach from Sydney and fashion newcomer who loves upcycled pieces and enjoys browsing the web in search of fresh ideas. Loves: all things spicy, barbecue, winter vacations. Doesn`t like: bad manners and narcissism. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter

  • Thanks for posting these tips for transitioning your skin care. Love tip #1. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation 90% of skin aging is caused by the sun – so wearing sunscreen year-round is so important to skin health.