How To Quickly Remove Dark Nail Polish Without Leaving Stains?

Painting your nails in all sorts of fun colors can be a very cool way to show your style to the world, but it is a real challenge when it comes to removing those dark nail polishes of your nails. Pretty much every dark color, other than white, nude, yellow or pale pink is a challenge to remove. They have a tendency to stain the nail and the skin around them. Sometimes the stains stay on your nails for days. It looks messy and it leaves behind the color of the nail polish you are trying to remove.

How To Quickly Remove Dark Nail Polish Without Leaving Stains

You’ve probably tried many tricks to solve this problem but without much success. If you have the same problem you should definitely scroll down and check out this amazing beauty hack from blogger Riya Jain that shows a smarter way to remove dark nail polish. Fortunately, the solution doesn’t lie in stopping to use dark nail polishes at all. Every woman who loves to paint her nails in bright colors will like to know this simple nail hack, that doesn’t require any extra accessories.

All you’ll need is a nail polish remover and regular cotton pads or balls. Pour nail polish remover in a small bowl, then soak your nail painted with dark nail polish and leave it the inside for 20 seconds or so. Then put a cotton pad on that nail and remove the nail polish with a single swipe. Repeat the procedure for each nail. Voila! Now you will stop worrying about removing bright nail polish of your nails for good.

Bonus tip: Keep in mind that acetone dries out the nails and soaking them in a greater amount for 20 seconds can possibly do more harm than good. If you want to keep your nails healthy and shiny use acetone-free nail polish instead and try not using it more than once a week.

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