Red Lipstick: Simple Manual for Powerful Look

Every woman should know that there is a perfect red lipstick shade for everyone. You just need to find yours. But there is a simple rule that everyone needs to follow, if you can’t find the right one, than it is better not make a fool of yourself in public.

Red Lipstick: Simple Manual for Powerful Look

There are some rules and tricks that can help you how to pull this off, but you need to follow them and really stick to them. The red lipstick looks good with every outfit and represents power, sophistication and womanliness. Plus men love it. Don’t expect to pull it off from the first time, maybe it will take you years to find the perfect red lipstick for you, but never give up!

Different skin tone – different lipstick tone

When you want to find the perfect red color for your lips, first you need to figure out which tone goes best with your skin type. Try as many red tones as you can, before you choose which lipstick looks best on you. Usually women with lighter skin should go with true hot red colors, while women with medium dark skin should choose red lipstick with pink or orange undertone. When it comes to women with dark skin, they should go with dark red, purple or wine undertones. If you want to find out which red lipstick goes best with your skin tone, maybe you can consult a professional make-up specialist, who for sure can help you to find the best solution.

Red Lipstick: Simple Manual for Powerful Look

Prepare the lips

One night before a special event where you plan to wear a red lipstick, prepare your lips by doing a lips peeling. Order a special lips peeling product or search the internet for a homemade recipe. This step is crucial, because it will remove the dead skin off your lips and it will make them softer. Overall it is good for your lips health, but also it will make the process of applying the lipstick easier.

Make your red lipstick last longer

Many experts suggest that before you put on the red lipstick, it is better to apply lip liner on the entire lips not only on the edges. These may result with a slightly different shade of red but the lipstick will last longer, even if you are eating, drinking or even kissing someone.

Red Lipstick: Simple Manual for Powerful Look

Experiment with your mistakes

If you have bought a wrong shade of red that looks ridiculous on you, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get the best out of your money. Combine it with another shade of red or other undertones to find the perfect shade of red for you. Apply few layers of different shades and maybe you can find the best solution.

As we said earlier even if you fail don’t give up, this is one of the toughest things for all woman when it comes to makeup.

Watch out with your makeup

Because the red lipstick is very powerful and it will gather the attention, your makeup should be minimal. Gently apply rouge on your cheeks and accentuate your eyes by applying a little bit of mascara, eyeliner and a softer eyeshade.

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