Quick Trick: How To Dry Your Nail Polish Faster?

The most boring and annoying part of a manicure is waiting for the nail polish to dry. Every girl hates this part, especially when you are in a hurry for a big meeting, date or a party. Nobody has time for this!

Dry Your Nail Polish Faster

There are few tricks that can help you speed up this process. I’ve tried most of them, but this one is the most effective of them all. You can dry your nail polish with a hairdryer, you can stick your fingers in the freezer for few minutes or you can spray them with a hairspray, but the trick with ice water is the most effective.

Fill a bowl with cold water and add couple of ice cubes in it. Paint your nails and then put your fingers in the ice cold water and wait for a minute. The nail polish will be perfectly dry and you nail will look fabulous.  Try this trick and share your results with us.

Author: Viktor Milevski

Perfectionist by nature, big enthusiast, great chef, blogger and a beer lover…