7 Different Ways To Rock A Ponytail

No matter how many women you ask you’ll always get the same answer, each one of them wants to look the best way she could with a least effort and time. It happens to all of us to have a bad hair day when all we want is to have this simple idea to do our hair in 5 minutes and appear to be a princess.

Many women believe that they should wash their hair every day in order to feel good about the way it looks but this is a completely false allegation. As a matter of fact washing your hair each day makes more harm than good to the health of your hair. Sometimes all you need is a little creativity and few minutes to solve the greasy hair problem and make your hair shiny again.

Ponytail for every day of the week

In this video made by the pretty, talented and inventive YouTube beauty vlogger Kayley Melissa you will learn that you don’t need to spent one hour or to have the hands of a stylist to make an original hairstyle that looks great on you. Kayley always gives precious tips and hints on how to play with curls and ponytails.

I hope you love these 7 quick and easy ponytails for every day of the week. These hairstyles are proper for every elegant occasion but also casual enough to wear them at school, work, or on a romantic evening with your beau! And don’t worry now you can keep washing your hair every third day and have fabulous looks with a minimum effort.


Author: Krista

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