5 Life Changing Beauty Hacks You Should Try Out This Winter

Who doesn’t want to look their best all the time, but then do you? Unfortunately, not everyone succeeds in doing so because looking beautiful is definitely not a piece of cake. Reason being, there are millions of do’s and don’ts involved. But, what if we tell you that there are incredible beauty hacks to totally change the way you look at your life! Sounds unreal? Well, then let’s just get to them.

5 Life Changing Beauty Hacks You Should Try Out This Winter

1. Winter Ice Cube Facial

Don’t let the cold get to you already because this little trick involves getting a little cold. Did you know, that the ice cubes can actually help you to get a healthier skin? That’s right people. Rubbing your face with an ice-cube on a regular basis can help to limit the oil production of the skin. Not just only that, it can also help to shrink the pores to prevent premature aging and wrinkles.

For those who usually struggle with acne, it can be quite beneficial to soothe and prevent it. All one needs to do is rub the ice cube until it melts away completely. Thus, leaving behind a healthy glow on the skin while promoting blood circulation.

5 Life Changing Beauty Hacks You Should Try Out This Winter

2. Lip Scrubbing

During the winter season, the lips are as vulnerable as the other parts of the body. With dry and harsh wind they always tend to get a lot drier and chapped if not properly taken care of. But, there is an easy solution for this very simple problem.

To begin with, use a toothbrush to regularly and tenderly exfoliate the lips. Using a gentle toothbrush will help to get rid of the dry, flaky parts that do not allow the lips to stay smooth most of the time. Once done exfoliating, put on your favorite lip balm and you’ll never have to deal with dry lips again.

5 Life Changing Beauty Hacks You Should Try Out This Winter

3. Fall in Love With Oatmeal Bath

This winter, fall in love with the astonishing oatmeal bath. Feeling doubtful, if you are then be rest assured because when it is gentle enough for the babies, imagine what it will do for the dry irritated skin. So, just pour a cup of plain oatmeal into the tub, fill it with warm water, add a pinch of your favorite essential oil, and enjoy the luxurious bath.

Oatmeal baths are highly recommended in the winters due to the fact that they are rich in vitamins, minerals, and lipids. They all work together to hydrate and soothe the skin. For skin problems such as eczema that usually flare up in the winters, this bath can work wonders. So, this time make sure not to miss the incredible chance to enjoy and utilize it at the same time.

5 Life Changing Beauty Hacks You Should Try Out This Winter

4. The After Shower Rule

Are you aware of the after shower rule? No, not really? Well, to be honest, there is no such rule, but given an option to be, it would have topped all the rules of skin care as well as beauty hacks. The reason why this hack needs special attention is because moisturizing can be said to be one of the most important parts of a skin care routine.

This rule advocates applying a moisturizer to the face or any other part of the body within 2 minutes of showering. Doing so in the steamy room will prevent the moisture from evaporating and drying out. Thus a happy and well-nourished skin will make you happy throughout the day.

5 Life Changing Beauty Hacks You Should Try Out This Winter

5. Toothpaste and Acne

Have you been looking for an overnight remedy for acne, since it always manages to pop up at the most inappropriate of time? If yes, then well this is where your search ends. Now, you need to deal with the urge to itch the zit and in the process pop it. Doing so most of the time leaves a scar behind which just doesn’t go away easily.

Therefore, instead of popping it, apply some toothpaste on it and leave it on for a night. The toothpaste will dry out the skin and shrink that pimple. Also, acnezine treatment cream by revitol has proved its mettle to remove acne in a splendid way. Have you ever tried it? Though the toothpaste hack works wonderfully well as the Revitol acnezine does, but don’t get greedy. Just dab the pimple with the toothpaste and go to bed.

5 Life Changing Beauty Hacks You Should Try Out This Winter

In the end, being beautiful on the outside will mean nothing if one is not beautiful on the inside. So, take a little time out of your precious routine and improve on the inside. It will eventually reflect on the outside.

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