5-Minute Hairstyle Ideas For Busy Mornings

I’m running out of time!‘ I’m sure we all have said this some time or the other. The generation of today I must say is quite a busy lot. Workload, assignments, housework etc, all these chores leave you with hardly any time to groom yourself and particularly your hair. Well, no worries at all because you have a reason to smile as this article is going to showcase some very interesting and stylish 5-minute hairstyles that you will adore.

5-Minute Hairstyles For Busy Mornings

Forget the complicated and intricate braids or buns and just give yourself five minutes to look gorgeous. Gone are the days where you had to remove ample time and be patient to do your hair. You can save your precious time by trying out some of these amazing and super-easy hairdos. The 5-minute hairstyles can also be called as the ‘Lazy girl hairstyles’.

Women nowadays have no idea about what to do with their hair when it comes to busy mornings and rushing to office. We all get exhausted with the monotonous styles and I’m sure you would want a change, too. The 5-minute hairstyles come as a relief to working women where they can not only save on time but also look chic at the same time.There are a number of ways to look ultra-modern with the 5-minute hairdos. Transform your routine in the mornings and get going with these stunning hairstyles.

Bouncy Ponytail

When we talk about a five-minute hairstyle, what do you think comes to our mind? YES! It is the bouncy ponytail that we all love. We all know that ponytails can be made in many different ways and each one would give you a new look. They certainly are an all time favorite when it comes to our little girls who love to jump about showing off their bouncy tails. They also look great on full grown women. Check out the video tutorial shown bellow and learn how to make an amazing, super-lifted and voluminous ponytail.

Twisted Ponytail, The Low Bun & The Knotted Pony Hairstyles

Quick morning require hairstyles that do not consume time yet make us look chic. Some of them are the twisted ponytail, the low bun too looks amazing and the knotted pony is surely a winner!

Long Mane Ponytail Hairstyle

Women with long hair would love to try out the long mane ponytail that is just so easy and amazing. Check the tutorial to see how to make your ponytail appear much longer.

How to Fake Bangs With Your Hair?

If you love fake bangs, you must try them out too, because it hardly takes few minutes to flaunt this super-hot style. Make sure you check out these 3 ways to fake bangs with your hair.

The Mermaid Tail Braid Hairstyle

Sometimes you just need to be innovative and creative when it comes to styling your hair. A few simple techniques can make you look and feel out of this world! Are you one of those who are obsessed with braids? Relax, because the mermaid tail braid doesn’t squeeze too much of your time. Transform your busy and stressful mornings with this stylish 5-minute hairdo and make heads turn.

The Crisscross, The Messy Ponytail

The best part about quick hairstyles that are time saving is that they do not require too many tools and can be done with just a comb and a few bobby pins. The crisscross hairstyle should be tried out too which looks very unique. The messy ponytail is again a favorite among women who love the messy look.

Pigtail Hairstyle

Pigtails look cute too, and this hairstyle is a pretty standard method for telling the world, “Hello, I truly simply couldn’t have cared less that much today“. It is an easy hairstyle to do. Check the video tutorial and watch your hair get restyled within no time.

The Untidy Bun Hairstyle

Untidy Buns will never go out of style. However, I wasn’t aware that there were so many distinct styles of chaotic buns. It appears like such an exhausting thing, yet as you watch the video shown bellow, you will discover that every one of the varieties is super chic and jazzy.

So the next time you feel you are short of time, do not hesitate to try out the 5-minute hairstyles we shared with you today. Come on all you beautiful ladies out there and fall in love with your hair once again!

Author: Surbhi Kanur

She is a girl in her 20s, trying to discover herself in an exciting manner and wish to get surprised by every move of her life. Writing for her, she believes, relieves stress, helps her concentrate better, and lets her re-invent herself. It broadens her vision and gives wings to figments of her imagination.