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Well it’s not really about us, it’s about you dear readers


Welcome to Fashion Corner, we are happy that you end up reading our story. We’re an extraordinary trio from Skopje, the capital of Macedonia, a country located in the Central Balkan Peninsula in Southeast Europe. We decided to pour of our passion for fashion in a cool blog where you can find latest fashion trends that will help you to build your own style by looking great and feeling amazing at the same time with our health and beauty tips.

We use our x-ray vision to see around corners into the future of the web and we have an eye for choosing great projects to start. We believe in having a good time while doing what we love and we love what we do. Fashion Corner is a fashion “boutique” for modern women and is the product of our love for unique style and taking good care of ourselves. We believe that with our powers combined we will create bigger things.

Our crew consists of one girl Krista and two guys Viktor and Igor. Yeah, Krista is the only girl in this blog for women’s fashion blog. Weird right?! Well, maybe it is, but that’s exactly what makes this team totally unique and unstoppable.

Our motto: Look good, feel good, DO GOOD, relax…

About Us Page

Fashion muses: Rihanna, Beyoncé, Coco Channel, Marlin Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Karl Lagerfeld and Michael Jackson.

Our lifestyle choices: We inhale the richness of life. We believe passionately in sharing love, travel, Italian food, great friends, laughter, arts, long talks, lovely walks, broadened horizons and spirit of adventure. We are finding inspirations and absorbing ideas everywhere. So, when we put our minds to project puzzles we exhale great ideas.

Allow us to introduce ourselves

Igor is our Tech Guru and the initiator of this project. He is interested in everything there is about developing websites, online marketing, SEO technologies and he believes that using today’s technologies for creating web content can contribute to a slightly better world. That’s why he’s on the board of FashionCorner.net, helping the team to create and spread more quality content, more value and more positive energy to the readers. He has a bachelor of economics and foreign trade.After work, when he isn’t rapidly clicking on his keyboard, he relaxes while cutting the grass in his backyard or exercising in his home gym. He also enjoys watching movies and Champions League Football along with fried onion rings and couple of beers on the table. A great example of a perfect night out for him is sitting in a Kafana, usually, a small, cozy traditional restaurant that serves Macedonian food, mostly grilled meat and fish with his closest friends. He is vegetarian for some time now so instead of eating meat in the Kafana, he drinks Rakija (Google it) while massively eats cabbage salad. He is actually pretty humble, modest and thrifty guy and in addition to this fact we need to mention that when he grows up, he wants to drive Fiat Panda, a cheap fuel-efficient car.

Fashion choice: If you have met him he’ll probably wear a stylish suit because he wants to look professional, smart and mature.

When nobody’s watching: tracksuit pants, t-shirt, and slippers are his best friends.

Viktor is the totally laid-back person in our team who enjoys writing thousands of words per day with his legs on the writing table. In his previous life, he must have been a stand-up comedian or maybe a great chef in Italy. He loves to tell jokes and to cook some amazing low-calorie meals. At this point, you may be wondering why he is part of our team. Well, because all these personal traits make him an amazingly creative journalist who can write nearly on every possible subject there is, including women’s fashion and beauty routines. He is a perfectionist by nature and his wide horizons help him understand women’s needs on a deeper level. When he is not counting his written words he likes to go out and have a cold beer (or five) with his friends, watch football, tennis, learns about latest trends in the online world or travel the world finding new inspirations. He is a big fan of Manchester United, Juventus and Roger Federer. Sunny summer days spent on a tropical beach drinking as many beer brands as he can find is probably part of his imagination when he is facing with his writer’s block.

Fashion choice: He prefers casual and sporty style. He is a free spirit so feeling comfortable in his own skin but at the same time looking cool and sharp is the winning combination for him. You’ll never see him in classic leather shoes, so when he needs to wear a suit (for weddings only) he will combine it with a sexy pair of sneakers or boots.

When nobody’s looking he is watching TV shows and he’s eating sunflower seeds in his boxer shorts.

Krista is our passionate and analytical journalist, always wondering what the meaning of life is and what is her today’s mission in this world. At the office, she always keeps her mind busy thinking if her newest idea might be the greatest one or the worst one. When she is not running around the office like a headless chicken, she finally unleashes her creative side and starts to write endless articles. At the end, they are totally worth it. When she is not massaging her forehead to make her brain work faster, she sings loudly in the bathroom/kitchen, practices yoga, rides her pink bicycle, meditates, learns Spanish online or reads astrology profiles about the nature of Scorpio women or tries to figure out her friends’ zodiac signs reading friendship/love compatibility profiles. She also likes to read good books, especially psychological and self-help books but she can’t find enough time for this activity because she’s too busy surfing the net. Instead of this, she’ll try to satisfy her reading need by finding some motivational quotes or speakers… yeah, you guessed it, online!

Fashion choice: She prefers being suited up in her casual, street-style clothes combined with some cool jewelry and fancy glasses. Rarely, you can see her in an elegant gown but only for some special occasions. She probably wouldn’t survive this world without nail polish and burgundy lipstick.

When nobody is watching she’s eating a chocolate bar in her bathrobe or pajamas while watching TV shows or reading dozens of online articles about fashion, beauty, health, exercise, psychology…

Even though we are a small team, we believe that with positive energy and our powers combined we can transform every good (or weird) idea into a successful project. Every one of us possesses the skills, drive, passion and enthusiasm to get the job done. We started our amazing journey in 2014 with the goal to start up an online project that will serve readers not only outside of our country but throughout the whole world.

About Us Page

This is our first project together and we decided that it should be about fashion and beauty. With the right amount of feminine and masculine energy, we want to show women how beautiful they really are and to help them dress in a way that makes them feel confident and expresses their creative side. With the transformative power of dressing up, women can really run the world and celebrate life each day.

Fashion Corner Net is not only a destination for those who don’t know what to wear for work or for a cocktail party, but it serves as a guide for women to feel untouchable and completely at ease in their outfit at every moment and occasion. Our advice for all of you ladies: dress better, feel stronger ‘cuz life’s too short to wear boring clothes. We are 100% positive that the world would be a better place is every woman spends 15 minutes a day making better style choices and beauty routines in order to feel sexy and confident. Always remember to dress in a way that shows who you really are without having to speak.

About Us Page

Throughout the past months we have been devoted, patient, energetic, persistent, sensitive, always brave to make changes and steady to start every plan from the very beginning. It doesn’t matter what happened yesterday, what matter to us is what beautiful could happen tomorrow.

Occasionally we write reviews for products that are meant to keep you beautiful, healthy and fit.